White House outlines air pollution strategy

Sunday, December 12, 2004

WASHINGTON -- President Bush will make air pollution a top priority in Congress early next year, starting with "an aggressive push" to build support for his pollution-cutting plan, senior administration officials said Saturday. At the same time, the administration will hold off until no later than March on a rule to cut pollution from power plants that would accomplish some of the same ends as Bush's anti-pollution plan, the officials said.

Alaska weather stymies cleanup of oil spill

ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- With 24-foot seas and 50-knot winds continuing to pound the Aleutian island where a soybean freighter cracked in half, officials Saturday could take only a few small steps toward cleaning up the massive oil spill left behind. Three days after the 738-foot Selendang Ayu wrecked on the west side of Unalaska Island, Coast Guard officials still didn't know how much of the more than 400,000 gallons of thick oil had spilled because they hadn't been able to board either half of the wreck.

Bush called 'fit for duty' after annual physical

BETHESDA, Md. -- President Bush was found in good health and pronounced "fit for duty" after an annual physical Saturday that also showed that the 58-year-old chief executive is now, as he rather sheepishly conceded, "a little overweight." Bush's cholesterol level increased slightly, to 170 from 167 at his August 2003 physical, but he saw a large rise in his level of HDL, or "good" cholesterol, and a drop in his level of LDL, or "bad" cholesterol. The doctors also put Bush in a "low" or "very low" risk category for coronary artery disease, saying he has evidence of mild coronary artery calcification.

Jackson's, accuser's prints found on porn

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. -- Fingerprints belonging to both Michael Jackson and the boy accusing him of child molestation were found on pornographic magazines seized from Jackson's Neverland ranch last year, the Santa Barbara News-Press reported Saturday, citing sources it did not identify. Santa Barbara County Sheriff's spokesman Sgt. Chris Pappas did not immediately return a call Saturday from The Associated Press. Jackson's attorney, Thomas Mesereau Jr., declined to comment.

Fire breaks out on movie being filmed in Tucson

TUCSON, Ariz. -- Fire broke out on the set while a television movie was being filmed at the Tucson Convention Center, injuring five people and forcing the evacuation of thousands arriving for a concert in another part of the building. The fire started Friday night on the set of ABC's "Desperation," written by horror writer Stephen King. "They were in the middle of a scene involving a mine shaft collapse," a firefighter said.

-- From wire reports

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