Everybody's a critic: 'Alexander'

Friday, December 10, 2004

No stars

"Alexander" could have been a fascinating historical and social study for both adults and teens. But the relative restraint Stone showed in dealing with Alexander's bisexuality is nowhere in evidence in his handling of rape and battle scenes.

This three-hour biopic barely mentions Alexander's early conquest of Asia Minor and the biblical lands of Israel, Assyria and Egypt, including his great victories at Granicus, Issus and Tyre, which established his reputation as a military genius.

To adequately capture the intricacies of the life of such a man is beyond difficult, and Oliver Stone can't quite pull it off here. He glosses over many of the events that earned Alexander his historical title and tries to show us instead his inner life of turmoil.

The film features graphic violence and lewd sexual content and is definitely not fit for anyone's eyes, especially if you are offended by snakes, rape, bisexuality or blood and guts.

This movie doesn't even deserve a zero out of four stars. Don't even think about wasting your money.

Three stars (out of four)

This movie may not become known as "great," but does deserve praise. Colin Farrell plays Alexander as the leader who, by the age of 25, had built the largest empire in the world. The film seems to be a documentary of his conquests of men and lands.

I liked that there was passion for battle and for his men. The movie showed how Alexander seemed to know all the men who fought with him as well as their families. It helped me understand what made him such a great leader.

Although questions about his personal relationships will bring sarcasm, it shows that it doesn't matter in times of war and leadership. I found that enlightening.

Although some may find this movie dull, I found it enjoyable and educational about such a leader. I would not recommend it to young children but I think it deserves three stars.

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