Speak Out 12/10/04

Friday, December 10, 2004

Hats off to donors

IT'S VERY gratifying to pick up the paper and see the little boy at Gordonville with his puppy. Hats off to the Aufdenbergs and Mr. Pind for their efforts in this. We wish them good luck in training this dog. It's a wonderful story.

Losing our freedoms

I SAW on the front page that a St. Louis lawmaker promises a mandatory seat-belt law. On the next day's front page it said authorities would start enforcing a new law on turning on lights and windshield wipers during daytime rain. Why didn't Missourians get to vote on these things. I say put them on a ballot. We are losing our freedoms one by one. It's time people woke up. What will be the reason to send the troops off for freedoms we no longer have?

Repay the fund

PEOPLE WHO never contributed one dime to the Social Security trust fund should not be receiving Social Security checks. All loans from the Social Security trust fund should have to be repaid to the trust fund. Workers paid into the Social Security trust fund for many years but now see the Social Security trust fund is being used to subsidize non-workers who never contributed. That subsidy is threatening the solvency of the fund.

It's not fair

I'D LIKE to complain about the job that they're doing in Jackson on the upgrade of the road. My mother lives on that road. She is handicapped and is not able to get in and out of her house without great difficulty. They have torn up her yard, left sink holes and have not fixed it. I really think that's unfair for an elderly woman on a fixed income.

Money back, please

JOE SULLIVAN has finally gone too far. As much as I agree with his column praising the new floodwall murals and his ideas on redoing the old mural, I do not agree that all the other golfers who have signed up for the world-famous downtown golf course will agree to further delay. How many times does he think we can be put on hold for every new idea that affects the downtown area? I vote to delay redoing the murals and get the golf course in operation by spring. If this is not done, I am at least considering asking for all my money back.

If it's not broke ...

THE CITY council can make Main Street a two-way street, but I will not shop downtown Cape Girardeau when it goes to two lanes of traffic, because I am not going to be stuck behind a truck and have to sit there for maybe 15 to 20 minutes. If they can't come up with anything better than what it is, leave it alone.

Volunteer firefighters

IT IS 4:10 in the morning and a 911 call goes out to volunteer firefighters in Gordonville. It takes them nine minutes to get to the fire. I wonder how many of them didn't make it to their paying job that day. Will they get a raise next year? No. The key word is "volunteer."

Thanks, city workers

I WOULD like to thank all the Cape Girardeau city workers for the jobs they do to make our town a great place to live. I thank God for all of you.

For the disabled

I am handicapped and have handicap plates. I was informed that the law says the person who is disabled has to be in the vehicle in order to use a handicap parking spot.

Losing jobs

I'M A man who loves my country, but I'm totally disgusted. We hear of another factory closing down in Fredericktown. Mo., that makes postal uniforms. My biggest concern is for the working American. What have we elected our representatives to do? Instead of representing us, they're feathering their own nests and letting all the jobs go to Mexico and China. I am so sick of having to buy stuff made in China. Trade is OK if it's kept on an even balance. Something's got to be done, or this country is going to fall flat on its face.

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