Letter to the Editor

KRCU offers options for radio fans

Friday, December 10, 2004

To the editor:

I have been following the recent discussions about satellite radio and about the state of radio in general with interest. The recent comments under the title "Let me listen" prompted me to share a few thoughts.

KRCU 90.9 FM is the public radio station for our region and broadcasts a variety of news, music and entertainment programs -- all commercial free. We air over 30 hours of local programming every week that is produced by volunteers from the community.

We rely on the support of listeners to provide our service. In addition, we're generously supported by many businesses in our region and by the Southeast Missouri State University. We are very thankful for the support we receive from our region.

If you, like "Let me listen," are looking for radio the way it used to be, give us a try at 90.9 FM on your dial. Good listening to you.

DAN WOODS, General Manager, KRCU 90.9 FM, Southeast Missouri State University, Cape Girardeau