Letter Dec5

Sunday, December 5, 2004

Thanks for article

I regret that it has taken me six weeks to communicate my gratitude for Marty Mishow's excellent article about my sons, John and James Webb, in your article of Oct. 10.

Although I do not see myself or my life as "tragedy," I believe that you did convey the spirit of victory and the power to overcome that is possible for us all. I wish I had said a bit more about how much the support of the family and friends in Cape has come through over the miles in the last five years. I believe it is the deep faith and "Midwest grit" that I learned from my parents and grandparents, all natives of Cape county, that was the root of this family of "overcomers."


Pensacola, Fla.

Hooray for coverage

We, the fans of the St. Vincent state championship football team, wish to thank Jeremy Joffray for his factual and informative coverage of the team as they pursued their dream of getting to the dome.

Not a lot of coverage is given to small schools, but you showed how well coached and disciplined this team was. They set their goals and followed through. Small school or not these athletes showed "huge" desire to succeed.

We wish them much success in their future lives. They have a solid foundation to build their future on. Thanks to the team for all the great thrills. Your proud fans followed you 1,700 miles. Good job, "Road Warriors"!

Thanks Jeremy Joffray for your journalistic expertise. We'll add you to our list of heroes.


Perryville, Mo.

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