Cape mail carriers moving

Sunday, December 5, 2004

Mail carriers who've been operating out of the regional mail processing center on Kell Farm Drive began moving to the former Minor's Harley-Davidson location at 905 Enterprise St. on Saturday.

This helps the Christmas rush by freeing up 5,500 square feet of space used for staging mail at the Kell Farm Drive location. Once trucks deliver mail to the postal facility, the mail is divided into rural and city routes and bulk mail, a process that takes space as well as organization.

Dan Strauss, manager of customer services, said moving was Saturday's agenda so that today could be spent hooking everything up.

"There'll be no interruption for customers," Strauss said.

Crew members are seasoned at the task, having moved from Frederick Street to Kell Farm Drive just in January.

"Last time we started at 2 p.m. and were finished by 3 in the morning. We have the whole weekend this time," Strauss said.

The Kell Farm Drive processing center was a temporary location for carriers, a result of the move from the Frederick Street building because of a leaky roof.

Fifty people, 30 of them mail carriers, will be assigned daily at the Enterprise Street location.

Directory analyst specialist Larry Shafer believes the move will help the Kell Farm Drive processing center tremendously.

"Due to the big influx of parcels at this time it's really cramped over there," he said. "June 2005 is still a tentative date with no confirmation on the reopening of the 320 N. Frederick St. postal facility. We really don't know the concrete answer."

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