Speak Out 12/4/4

Saturday, December 4, 2004

No free lunch

REGARDING the commercials on DVDs: There is no such thing as a free lunch. I would imagine the revenue stream produced by those commercials helps keep the cost of movies down.

Some fine tuning

BELIEVE IT or not, I think local drivers will appreciate the new intersections at Route K and Farrar Drive in Cape Girardeau. There are a few concerns though. Westbound traffic on Vantage Drive cannot make a left turn onto Farrar to access Route K. During low traffic conditions, eastbound traffic on Route K has to stop at practically every light because westbound traffic has green lights for traveling straight and turning left. Are the signals really connected from Siemers Drive to Silver Springs Road? All of this is a result of poor planning. I hope the city changes the light patterns to the predictable norm: allow Route K traffic to travel on through in both directions. Force drivers to wait to execute left turns, because predictable patterns are easier for everyone.

Bottleneck design

THE ROAD improvements on Route K at Mount Auburn Road and Farrar Drive are good. But the person who designed the bottleneck at Kingshighway and Lexington Avenue should be fired. It is like a drag strip through the lights to see who can get ahead or get over in the turn lane onto Route W.

Thanks for cleanup

TO THE individual who thinks it's trivial to complain about cleaning streets and loud music in vehicles: We should help with keeping our city clean. But when the dirt from construction of a new street is so deep in the gutters that grass grows six inches tall, then I think my tax dollars need to be put to good use. If I had remembered to buy a backhoe last Christmas, I would have cleaned it myself. By the way, it took a backhoe to clean up Minnesota Street last week. A big thanks to our city employees for taking care of the problem. As for preferring your kids play loud music than doing drugs, I would prefer they do neither, considering both are very hazardous to your health and well-being.

Time to take control

IT'S TIME for us old-timers to take back our city and school system. These young folks don't seem to be getting the job done. Our city is not growing in numbers. It's growing in service-related jobs. These are fine but pay poorly. We need to attract more industries so that good-paying jobs and full-time employment are again available to Cape Girardeau workers. I am tired of these out-of-line salaries being offered to school superintendents and watching certain city employees get $4,000 and $5,000 raises in January while others get much less. All this does is add to the class separation in our society that keeps getting worse year by year. City leaders should not expect us to pay higher taxes. Let's remember all of this come next election. We need people with vision, not self-interest.

Parade view

I AM a mother of a physically handicapped 5-year-old boy. I took my son along with his 7-year-old brother to view the Parade of Lights. I arrived early so I could get a good view for my son in his wheelchair. When the parade started, a group of teenagers stood directly in front of my son. I repeatedly asked them to move so my son could see the parade. Finally, a man who saw my problem gave up his spot for my son. I then faced the problem of the children beside me. Repeatedly the children were told to stay on the sidewalk by the police, but as soon as the police moved on, the kids were back in the street blocking the view. Why didn't the parents do something? I suggest that next year the police run tape along the road so children like my son will not have to spend the entire parade looking at other children instead of the beautiful lights. Parents, please be responsible for your children. We are not all as lucky as you to have children who can walk and jump to see the lights.

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