Everybody's a critic: 'Christmas with the Kranks'

Friday, December 3, 2004

Two-and-a-half stars (out of four)

Stop the presses! The Kranks want to skip Christmas. After years of going all out with award-winning Christmas decorations, elaborate Christmas Eve parties, massive Christmas trees, hundreds of Christmas cards, plentiful Christmas feasts, generous Christmas donations and overwhelming Christmas gifts, they have had enough -- at least for this year.

"Christmas with the Kranks" makes you think about Christmas traditions. The movie does not just hint at positive themes of love, caring, community, selflessness and giving, its characters talk about and act out these values.

This movie is one that you do not have to make a must on your to-do list this holiday season. Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis' characters could have been a great deal funnier. This is a "take it or leave it" type of movie.

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