Speak Out 12/3/4

Friday, December 3, 2004

Heart-wrenching stories

I REALLY enjoyed reading Bob Miller's stories about the family from Leopold with the birth of their children. I think you should do more of that. The stories were really heart-wrenching.

Price and quality

When I can buy American products that compare in price and quality to foreign products, I do. However, due partly to union control -- with higher wages paid and employees so difficult to terminate for any reason -- American products are often more expensive and unfortunately are often less desirable in quality.

Open nativity set

I'M CALLING about the nativity that's set in front of the courthouse in Jackson every year. I do not remember seeing it open over half a dozen times. I think it should be opened every day so that people can view and enjoy it. If you're not going to open the doors, why bother putting it out?

Can't see the lines

MOUNT AUBURN Road between William Street and Independence Street is one of the most traveled streets in Cape Girardeau. You can't see the painted lines, especially on the southbound side. They're doing such a great job out there in that area, especially on Route K with all the new intersection lights and everything. It's really terrible they spend all that money to do everything right and can't spend a little money on the paint to get the lines right. It's a safety factor.

Media is too close

I'M NOT a big fan of Michael Reagan. However, I must concur with his opinions in his Nov. 22 column. I had four years of active military duty during the Korean War, but I was never trained for combat duty. I feel the combat soldier is not trained to stop and think, but to react to a situation. In World War II, the general public did not receive the gory details of combat. I do not believe we should see or hear these details. I believe my first reaction in combat would be to remove the news media from that scene. This would benefit the troops and their families. I do not feel the media is on our side.

Paying for sports gear

I UNDERSTAND that the Cape Girardeau School District is in a financial bind and students are required to pay an athletic fee or activity fee. What I do have a problem with is when my son has to buy his shoes, his hat and any kind of T-shirts that the team members wear under their uniforms to the tune of $200 by the time that's all paid for. But the coach is using school funds or funds raised by the kids with a fund raiser. This isn't right.

Stop at stop signs

IT'S STRANGE that most people are turning their lights on when they drive in the rain, now that the law says they have to. But I still don't understand why they don't stop at stop signs. Obeying that law would save more lives than turning on your lights in the rain.

Reason for rules

THERE IS a reason for the restrictions at the play area in the mall. As long as the restrictions are followed, everyone is much safer. If your kids are above the height and age limit, take them elsewhere. Do not ruin it for the children that the play area is designed for.

At the trough

WHERE ARE the fiscally conservative Republicans? They're at the trough along with the other sellouts and incompetents in Congress. And we're voting for them every time.

On-the-job dangers

GARBAGE CANS may not shoot at garbage collectors, but garbage collectors dodge 2,000-pound bullets all day that are being driven by people who drive too fast and too carelessly around the workers. A cop with a gun versus a criminal with a gun, or a worker with a safety vest versus a vehicle driving 30 to 40 mph. Which seems more even? Please give credit where credit is due.

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