The Zone

Wednesday, December 1, 2004

by Kevin Wilson

Okay, so Hoey's too lazy, Boner's busy chasin' chicks, and Bondsy's at home chain chompin' large pizzas, so they left the Zone insider up to me. Let me just introduce myself so were all on the same page. I'm Just Kev, you're new mid-day guy on The Zone, winch means now I have to get up earlier than normal. I moved here from Tulsa Oklahoma about 4 years ago, and I must say that I actually enjoy Cape Girardeau. All right, enough about me, although I could go on and on about how great I am--yeah. As I'm sure, as observant as you are, you have noticed a few changes on The Zone. One of these changes that excited me the most was that I now get to host The Indie Zone again! Yup, I'm back! The Indie Zone was started by Tabatha and me in order to get local and unsigned bands some airplay and recognition. There is an unbelievable amount of talent in this area, and it was a must that these people be heard. Since the Indie Zone started over a year ago, we have received an amazing response. Bands and solo acts have sent us everything from your sometimes described as "unusual but great" bands such as The Otto Modest, to your other always fun to see bands like Tone De all-stars and Anam Cara.

Cape Girardeau has it pretty well being surrounded by such large music powerhouse cities like Memphis, Nashville, and of course Saint Louis. I love to hear when Cape bands make a trip to STL to play a show with some STL bands, and then come back with a great report like, "0h man! We played a show with this band with this really hot chick bassist. They sounded so good and they're called SevenStar." That's always a good thing. I said it before and it's really no big secret, but networking the cities is a pretty good idea.

Something else that I really love to see are bands from Cape going to see other bands from Cape on their night off. When I was 16 or so, and lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma, it always seemed like the musicians there were always at each other's throat, but that has all changed. I think now with shows like The Vans Warped Tour, and the maybe, maybe not Lollapalooza, bands have come closer. They've came to realize that they are all in the same boat, and the party is always better with more people.

Cape Girardeau is certainly becoming a place to stop and play thanks to everyone"s good attitude. With the help of The Indie Zone,, OFF Magazine, and most of all, the ones making all the great music we all enjoy, Cape Girardeau could became a musical centerpiece with all it's big name musical surroundings. Keep it real and please don't forget where your heart is.

If you or your band would like to be part of The Indie Zone, you can contact me at or you can find me at

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