Speak Out 12/01/04

Wednesday, December 1, 2004

Pay the teachers

I AM not worried about the superintendent. I am worried about the teachers who are teaching my children. How can I expect them to keep giving my children 100 percent when the school district only offers them nothing. Let's face it, a superintendent does not teach your children. The grossly underpaid teacher does.

Outline a plan

I WOULD like to have potential candidates for the Cape Girardeau school superintendent's position come to the December board meeting and discuss how they plan to better our school district. I want to make sure that this new person is going to be dedicated to this position like Mark Bowles was.

Take a close look

I AM a Cape Girardeau teacher. I work more than a full day and don't get a full day's pay. Some people need to get out of the board room and see what the teachers in Cape are working with -- or I should say without? A walk through the buildings at the end of the year does not give members an accurate picture of our schools.

The rest of the day

REGARDING THE comment about Cape Girardeau schools needing a superintendent who would require teachers to work a full day: I assume you mean an eight-hour day. Who would they get to work the rest of the hours? Would you bring in substitutes to take care of extracurricular activities and parent-teacher conferences? Would those substitutes also have to buy classroom supplies out of their own pockets like full-time teachers do? It just goes to show how out of touch the people are who support throwing money at a new superintendent.

Thanks for TSO

CAPE GIRARDEAU residents recently had the opportunity to see one of the most extraordinary concerts ever brought in to the Show Me Center. As you can see by the input of thank yous in Speak Out, Trans-Siberian Orchestra's performance was well-received and sincerely appreciated by everyone who attended. I want to specifically thank David Ross, director of the Show Me Center, for his experience and foresight in bringing Trans-Siberian Orchestra to our city. It was a performance that will not soon be forgotten. Almost everyone I've talked to is making plans for TSO's return visit next year. What a wonderful way to begin this Christmas season.

A wonderful story

I VERY much enjoyed Bob Miller's four-part series on infertility. I have never awaited the newspaper as anxiously as I did the past several days. The article was extremely well-written and left me each day wanting to know more. When I read the final of the series on Sunday, it took three separate times to finish reading it, as I was crying so hard, especially when baby Franklin died. I cannot imagine the anguish of holding one's child as he dies. This piece was a wonderful story. If you speak with Barb and Kenny, please thank them for sharing their very personal story.

Working on day off

I HOPE Cape Girardeau saw all of the police officers working on their day off to let the citizens of Cape Girardeau enjoy the Parade of Lights. I am very glad they got their raise, because they do so much for the city.

Award-winning series

I WANT to let you know how much I enjoyed Bob Miller's series on Barb Elfrink. It made me realize how lucky we are to have two healthy kids who were conceived very easily. I also want you to know that my family thinks Miller is an awesome writer. We hope he wins some sort of award for this series. Thanks for the wonderful articles.

Like being there

WONDERFUL JOB on the Elfrink family. I almost felt like I was going through the moments with them. What a talent Bob Miller has been blessed with.

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