Reforming school aid

Wednesday, December 1, 2004

The Joplin Globe

We were disappointed to see that the Committee for Adequate Funding for K-12 Education chose not to join Missouri Attorney General Jay Nixon in asking that a lawsuit challenging Missouri's school aid formula be put on hold until after the legislative session.

The group, made up of various school districts, is backing the suit as a way to address what it feels is an unfair and inadequate state school aid formula. The cause, in large measure, is just, and the group has pledged to work with lawmakers in the new legislative session to address the formula.

We feel the group would be more effective if it gave its support to Nixon and asked for a delay. Still, we are hopeful the state Supreme Court will see the wisdom in allowing the peoples representatives to take a crack at the problem before handing down some nonsense that will be expensive and will not improve education.

The challenge, of course, is for lawmakers to come up with a formula that makes sense. ...

The best way to keep the justices at a safe distance is for lawmakers to come up with a plan.

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