Business program for students looking at making advisory board

Wednesday, December 1, 2004

A program that opens up the world of business for thousands of local students each year is searching for input on its future.

Junior Achievement Inc., a not-for-profit organization whose Cape Girardeau/Jackson branch is coordinated out of St. Louis, is working to create a new advisory board of directors.

Lori Jacob, executive vice president of the regional Junior Achievement office, said the board will help plan the future of the program in this area.

Junior Achievement has already held a few preliminary meetings with local business people in regard to forming the board.

"There are still some business people who don't realize the magnitude of this program in schools and how strongly teachers felt about it continuing," Jacob said.

Jacob estimated that some 3,700 students in Cape Girardeau and Jackson schools will participate in the program this year.

The next meeting will be held this Friday. Anyone interested in attending can contact Jacob at (636) 728-0707 extension 201 or e-mail at

As part of Junior Achievement, local community leaders visit elementary school classrooms for five- or six-week lessons aimed at increasing student interest in and knowledge of business and economics.

Students might learn how to do things such as filling out a bank deposit slip, zoning a city or paying taxes. The program provides supplies such as workbooks, posters, rulers and journals that students and teachers may keep.

Jacob said the advisory board would meet around once a month.

"The planning was sporadic before this. It wasn't everybody coming together," said Jacob.

The local program is also in need of funding. Currently, around $5,000 is donated every year, but the program costs $50,000. The difference is made up by the St. Louis office.

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