Romanian presidential race faces runoff

Monday, November 29, 2004

BUCHAREST, Romania -- Exit polls showed no clear winner in Romania's presidential election Sunday, forcing a runoff next month between a former ship's captain with a populist message and a political veteran embodying the communist past. The polls also showed that no party won a majority in the parliamentary election that would enable it to form a government by itself. The two top vote-getters both promise to lead the east European country out of poverty and into the European Union.

More than 100 trapped after coal mine explosion

BEIJING -- At least 166 workers were trapped Sunday after an explosion tore through a central Chinese coal mine, sending smoke billowing from air vents, the government said. Another 127 miners escaped. The blast rocked the state-owned Chenjiashan coal mine in Shaanxi province at 7:20 a.m., when 293 workers were underground.

Israel willing to give up 'unilateral' Gaza plan

JERUSALEM -- Israel is prepared to coordinate its pullout from Gaza with a new Palestinian government, officials said Sunday, a shift from Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's concept of "unilateral disengagement" and a sign that cooperation may be restored in the post-Arafat era. Security forces already are quietly cooperating with each other, Israeli officials said.

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