Missouri Rep. Jim Guest to be Featured Speaker at Coffee Camp Heritage Dinner

Monday, March 16, 2009
Missouri 5th District Representative Jim Guest

I'd like to invite everyone to the 8th, Annual John T. Coffee Camp # 1934 Heritage Dinner.

This year's featured speaker is Missouri Rep. Jim Guest a 10th amendment and States' Rights expert.

Today the John T. Coffee Camp #1934 Inc, Sons of Confederate Veterans issued the following press anouncement:

"Col. John T. Coffee Camp #1934

Sons of Confederate Veterans*

Serving the Osage River Valley

Barton, Bates, Benton, Camden, Cedar, Dade, Dallas, Henry, Hickory, Miller, Morgan, Polk, St. Clair, Vernon

*Sons of Confederate Veterans is an international fraternal society founded over 100 years ago and is a 501,3c Not-for- Profit organization whose mission is education and preserving the memory of the Confederate soldier. For more details visit: www.scv.org

or the Coffee Camp website:


For immediate release:

Contact: For interviews about Camp business: Cmd. Gary Ayres...417-754-8397

other inquiries: Press Officer...David Reif...573-365-0186

Annual Dinner Hosts Tenth Amendment Expert

The program for the Eighth Annual Col. John T. Coffee Camp, Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) Confederate Heritage celebration will be Missouri Representative and Tenth Amendment expert Rep. Jim Guest. On 18April 2008, the program and dinner will once again be held at the First Assemblies of God Church hall on Hwy. 13 in Osceola, Missouri. Fellowship starts at 5:00 PM and the program begins at 6:00 PM.

Representative Jim Guest lives in northwest Missouri and has been elected as state representative four times to represent the constituents of the 5th District. Jim is a supporter of Congressman Ron Paul and has had the privilege to know Dr. Paul personally and spoke along side Dr. Paul at last summer's Freedom Rally in Washington DC to a crowd of thousands.

Rep. Guest has been a champion of the Bill of Rights and Tenth Amendment issues saying, "The 10th Amendment was written to reassure the states that they would remain largely in charge within their own borders". The Amendment states, "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

According to Rep. Guest, "One of the most contentious points in the formation of a Federal government came from the individual states. The states didn't want to lose the ability to make regional decisions nor to be subject to an overriding power from a distant national capital. We need to tell the federal government to stay out of our states issues in an effort to stop the mandates and the attempts to modify or change state laws." Jim has a radio show every Sunday morning at 9 am, on the RBN www.republicbroadcasting.org

The dinner and talk are part of the John T. Coffee Camp's ongoing education program that seeks to highlight the positive aspects of our Southern Heritage and the legacy of the Confederate soldier. The Coffee Camp believes the Tenth Amendment best exemplifies the cause for which the Confederate Soldier fought. Therefore, it seems appropriate that we should revisit this crucial issue in order to better understand the tumultuous times that lie ahead. Previous speakers for the dinner have included military historian Donald Gilmore, best selling author Walter Kennedy, Christian historian Dr. Edward DeVries, black Confederate activist H. K. Edgerton and essayist David S. Reif.

This family oriented event is open to the public but requires reservations. For dinner information call 417-754-8397 or www.coffeecamp.net

Osceola is 25 miles south of Clinton and 30 miles north of Bolivar, Missouri on Hwy. 13; there is ample lodging in the area."

This event is well worth the drive to Osceola, (which is about an hour north of Springfield, Missouri.

Enjoy a great meal of BBQ briskett and home-made sweet tea, while you listen to one of Missouri's most active and outspoken advocates of liberty deliver a great message.

Rep. Guest's website:


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