Speak Out 3/17/09

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Everyone is bullied

EVERY kid gets bullied at school. I got bullied. Just like you get pampered at home, you get bullied at school. It helps you become who you are. Character, that's what is about. Deal with it and quit whining.

Voting for spending

U.S. Rep. Jo Ann Emerson has voted for the $410 billion of new spending with over 8,000 pork projects. She is one of only 16 Republicans to do so. She also was at the White House talking about health care. It seems to be a sure bet she'll vote for socialized medicine. The only time she is conservative is when she is asking for our vote. She and other free-spending Republicans are why we are in the mess. Would some good conservative please step up and run?

Change the tune

I'M getting tired of all these articles on the Opinion page putting the president down. Give him a chance. What is the matter with your paper? Also, I am sick of reading about Rush Limbaugh.

Military option

I'M calling about kids dropping out of high school. Any kid who decides to drop out should automatically have to join the military for four years.

Give him a break

IF President Obama fails, you starve — after you lose your home. Do you still want to follow Rush Limbaugh off that cliff? Lay off Obama. He's busy, and it's possible that all the static he's getting from unrealistic and somewhat dim citizens is bogging down his work. Obama inherited a broken and hemorrhaging economy. Problems of this magnitude take years, possibly decades, to repair. Give him an opportunity to help.

Conservative policies

"FOLLOW the money" is an adage that is used to get to the truth of a crisis. Almost all of the big financial institutions that have been bailed out the past six months have been led by Ivy League types who think they are destined to have all of our hard-earned dollars and who also happen to be the biggest donors to the Democratic Party. No wonder there has been such a rush to bail them out. Don't for a minute think that the Democratic Party gives a hoot about me and you when they tell us that it is for our own good that we bail out the banks. It is for their own good and for the good of their party. Conservative investors are in much better shape than their liberal counterparts, and by and large conservative investors tend to be conservative in their politics too.

Hate it, love it

I hate pork or, as it's euphemistically called, earmarks. Porkulous-filled bills make my blood boil. However, I need some reassurance. Will we get our fair share?

On the school bus

I'VE worked in schools. I've been on buses. Believe the bus driver. Students do not behave on the bus. It takes nerves of steel to drive those buses and put up with the students.

No test explanation

I have lived in Jackson all my life and experienced the tornado of 2003 firsthand. I find security in the fact that Jackson installed weather sirens, but I think this safety feature is being abused. On March 8, there was a reason for sounding the alarms for reported funnel touchdowns in surrounding areas. But on March 10, the system was used and possibly panicked many residents. Fifteen minutes after the sirens were turned off I found out it was a test, but nothing announced this test. No one came on TV to announce what happened was a test or even a message after the tornado warning on Channel 11 said it was a test. I understand the city wants to make sure everything is properly working, but tests need to be announced before they occur.

Another state?

SOMEONE predicted the breakup of the U.S. I think just the opposite, and I'm thrilled to death about it. I predict that in the near future we will proudly have as a new state with the mutually voluntary admission into the union of Mexico.

Fred's photos

I have always enjoyed Southeast Missourian photographer Fred Lynch's images. It is good to see that he is still with the Southeast Missourian. There was another photographer (last name McBride) early on in Fred's career. My first encounters with these photographers were when they used to do a weekly feature on the paper delivery people. The "Past Pics" blog on semissourian.com is awesome, and I'm looking forward to more of them.

Cause of congestion

PARENTS who take their children to South Elementary School in Jackson shouldn't complain about traffic congestion. They're the cause of the congestion. Put little Bobby or Sally on the big yellow bus. Quit asking the Missouri Department of Transportation or the city to solve this problems.

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