Good deed of the week 3/15/09

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The gabled roof on Janice Christakis's trailer caved in from the weight of the ice during the January ice story. Friends and family learned of Christakis's trouble and placed a tarp over the roof area and helped the rural Marble Hill resident move furniture and belongings into storage while repairs to the roof were made. A friend, Sherri Varney of Jackson, helped her pack, move and store belongings. Varney delivered Christakis's watches by motorcycle the day after, once she realized Christakis needed them. St. John's Church members helped out by moving her belongings into a storage unit. Helen Beussink provided food for people working on the home and later on, Amber and April Nenninger, the Beussink's grandchildren, lent a hand cleaning up and moving, after the school day ended.

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