Speak Out 3/15/09

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Politics and sports

I'VE noticed more and more that political parties can be compared to football. It doesn't matter how good or how bad your favorite team does, you're still going to root for them. And you're always going to boo the opponent. This is why I despise sports and politics.

Fixing things

WHEN will the Republicans realize Democrats don't regret putting President Obama in office? He's trying to fix things. The only ones whining are the ones who want him to fail. Stop getting all your information from the likes of Rush Limbaugh. He's all that's wrong with the political system these days: too much emotion and not enough brains.

School hours

IN regard to the four-day school week: I would imagine teachers would get their same pay. The school district has already cut the cafeteria workers hours so that full-time is considered 32 hours. They have to do the same amount of work in fewer hours. I can just see heads spinning at the chance to cut hours even more with a four-day workweek.

Cat stories

JOE Sullivan, I've got another one for you. My cats like to play with straws, of all things. I drink soda with a straw, and my cats are always trying to get them out of my glass. The cats also love boxes. They'll chew on a box and have the time of their lives. I don't really need cats, though, because cats don't like me.

Time to secede

IT'S time for Missouri to secede from the union. The federal government doesn't get it. We Missourians know what's best for Missouri. Several states have already expressed their desire to not be forced to support President Obama's socialist nation. We should join them.

Charitable deduction

IF you've decided not to donate $10,000 to the United Way, Red Cross and Disabled American Veterans due to a measly $700 tax increase, then you were never giving from your heart anyway.

Money for the poor

I hear how the average person is patriotic and should pay more taxes, which is what Vice President Biden said. I have a better idea. All these friends of Obama who are getting all of this money should give money for the poor. The average person is not getting anything out of these so-called investments. I call it rewarding your friends who helped to support you.

Credit rating

MY advice to President Obama is to work closely with the ratings agencies to do whatever it takes to keep the United States' triple-A credit rating. He and Congress can spend as much as they want as long as we keep our triple-A rating. If we would lower our rating to double-A, we would have to pay higher interest to borrow money. Every citizen's standard of living would decline.

House limits

I believe history repeats itself. Prior to the Great Depression there were mansions and great houses being built, with a lot of them being lost as they are today. Then came the period where smaller, more moderate-size homes were built and were affordable by most working people. Now again in the last decade we have been seeing huge, expensive homes being built. One way to eliminate such problems in the future and also save energy is to put a yearly carbon tax on any home over 1,500 square feet. They are the ones that use most of our natural resources.

Jobs and buying

THE big companies in this country have moved jobs overseas. How do they expect people to buy their products when there are no jobs here? There is a lot of blame to go around. A lot of workers who expect something for nothing does not help matters, either. You must produce.

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