Speak Out 3/10/09

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Down the path

I just read an interesting article by a Russian professor predicting the breakup of the United States within the next two years. This scenario isn't too far fetched. Both coasts are so far left socially that here in the Midwest they are viewed as morally reprehensible, so much so that few here even want to vacation there anymore. If you haven't noticed, the states that are running the horrendous deficits the past few years are these same morally bankrupt coasts. I wouldn't be surprised if the conservative-leaning central states wouldn't want to rid themselves of this coastal blight and form a new country. Sounds mighty plausible given the fact that we could sell California to the Chinese to get rid of our debt to them, and Hawaii to Japan. Obama can go ahead and destroy what is left of the states to the east of the Mississippi River with his change to socialism that he is always preaching. You folks better think hard about the path he is leading us down.

Ruin or rehabilitate

HISTORIANS will determine whether Rush Limbaugh ruined or rehabilitated the Republican Party. I'm betting on the former.

Tax cheats

HOW many tax cheats will President Obama put in his White House? It's no wonder why Democrats love taxes. They don't pay them.

High bills

PRESIDENT Obama wants to cap emissions that will raise energy costs, as of our utility bill isn't high enough already.

Be vigilant

LET'S get the burglars that are cleaning out our town. If these people are professionals, they have to watch their targets to see when a safe time to break in would be. Keep your eyes open. If you see a strange car parked in your neighborhood or people who don't belong, pay attention. Remember details, perhaps even notify authorities. Anytime you go outside is a chance to look around.

School parking

WHY aren't Jackson High School students parking in the huge parking lot that was built for them instead of parking on the streets around the high school and taking up parking spaces for nonstudents to use? Every time I drive around in Jackson, especially on the highway, I see the Jackson police stopping cars. I don't think it took too much time to write a few parking tickets. Keep up the good work.

Book for Delta

I see that construction is about to get underway for the Delta Elementary School. I hope the new school comes with books. I'm sick of helping my child with copied book pages. Maybe less money will be spent on sports someday and proper books will be purchased.

Throwing money

EVERY time Washington creates one federal job, it takes all of the tax revenue of seven people working in the private sector to pay for that one person. Everyone can't work for the government. The bureaucrats in Washington don't understand that. They are not fixing any of the problems. They are only putting off dealing with the problems by throwing more borrowed money at them. The money will have to be repaid sometime. If we don't slow down on the borrowing, China and others will stop lending to us.

Limbaugh's influence

RUSH Limbaugh's growing influence on the Republican Party helps two entities: Rush Limbaugh and the Democratic Party. It's good for Limbaugh because increased prominence translates to higher ratings and book sales. It's good for Democrats because, though reinforcing positions of unwavering Republicans, it serves to ostracize those closer to the center. If the Republican Party wants to influence more than 30 percent of the electorate, it needs to keep Limbaugh at a distance.

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