Speak Out 3/9/09

Monday, March 9, 2009

Government control

FOR those who want a national health-care system set up and overseen by the government, do some research. Look at other systems in which the federal government has decided to override states' control and run things. Our education system is a great example. Consider the result. Is that what you want for your health care? If so, carry on. If not, don't let it happen.


I stopped in to get some gas on Cape Rock Drive and noticed a young man on the side of the road picking up trash. The young man came into the gas station to get a coffee. The attendant asked if he was doing community service. The young man said he was doing it on his own because he saw how trashy the roadside looked. He spent five hours out there. I thought that was nice. He should get an "Attaboy."

Parental guidance

I hear people talking about how children come first. That is not true with most parents. They put themselves first. They give in to the children, and the children boss the parents. That's not putting the child first. That's thinking about how easy it is for a parent to give in and not guide a child.

School taxes

WE do not need more school taxes. We've got enough taxes to pay now. You don't know what it's like to pay $300 for a little bottle of medicine. You don't know what it's like paying $2,000 for 10 needles to shoot yourself in the stomach. I've had enough taxes. I can't afford more. Does the school board want to take my house away from me and put me out on the street? Shame on you.

Wimp chairman

I cannot believe Michael Steele, the Republican National Committee chairman, wimped like a dog when Rush Limbaugh got on to him. He begged for mercy like a dog dragging its tail. We all know Limbaugh is the daddy of the party, and you don't cross him. Steele doesn't have any backbone. Stand up and be a man. Quit being a wimp.

Focus on high school

CAPE needs to focus on Central High School and build a sports complex. We're the only school around that does not have a sports complex. We have to go to Houck Stadium to have a football game. Leave the elementary schools and middle school the way they are. There's nothing wrong with those schools. Focus on the high school.

Financial learning

I was shocked when I found out that children are not taught the simplest form of finances in school. I believe this should be mandatory and started by at least fourth grade, especially now.

Take in a stray

LET'S put an end to all the animal cruelty. Take in a stray and feed it. It will warm your heart. And remember to have that stray spayed or neutered.

Paying our share

WHY should people making more than $250,000 a year have to pay more taxes? They work for their money. They got an education. They did what they needed to in order to get the job done. Why should they be penalized to help pay for everybody else? We pay our share and then some.

Hasn't got a chance

WE all know Rush Limbaugh is the head of the GOP. Everybody's got to bow to him. Michael Steele, the Republican National Committee chairman, might as well quit because he hasn't got a chance. Limbaugh took him to the shed and gave him a spanking.

Keep Franklin

IF we have any thoughts of tearing down or expanding Franklin Elementary School, taxpayers should look at our beautiful city hall that was abandoned by the school board. We were told the Schultz building was about to fall in, so we abandoned that. Washington Elementary School was given away, and the building is being used by Southeast Missouri State University. Any thoughts with discarding Franklin should be thrown out the window right now. If it needs remodeling, then remodel it.

Pray for them

WHEN prisoners get out of jail or prison, they have no place go, no money, no vehicle, no one to take them in. My son is in hiding today because he had outrun a cop. He was driving his truck with no license. The man has to work. How do they expect him to work and keep out of trouble if they're going to keep picking him up? I feel so bad for my son. Please pray for him and for others like him. My son has two weak heart valves and probably doesn't have a long time to live. He's a young man. He's in his prime. His life has been one holy hell. I appeal to people to pray for these young people Everything is topsy-turvy in this world today.

Money supply

CONGRESS and the Federal Reserve have opened up so much money in the last two months that they have effectively tripled the money supply in the United States. That money isn't flowing because everybody's hoarding it. People are scared of stocks. Someday in the next couple years that money's going to start to flow, and when it does we're going to go into a time of hyperinflation. Who can figure all this stuff out? It's crazy.

Utility weapons

MY heart goes out to the Ameren workers who were shot and to their families. It must be scary to stand in front of a weapon with no defense. I believe Ameren workers should be able to carry weapons.

Give him a chance

THE American people have spoken. Barack Obama is our president. We should support him -- at least give him a chance. Those wishing him to fail are condemning both parties and the American people.

Faith guided us

I lived through the Depression years. Even though they were hard, it taught me a lesson of how to live through the hard times and not to buy over my means. Thank God for the Civilian Conservation Corps. That was a lifesaver in my young life. My father joined the corps, and we would get a check each month from the CCC camp. It was a real blessing. My mother was a hardworking woman. She was a dressmaker and took in sewing to keep us all together. She took care of my brother and my cousin and her mother and me. What got us through the Depression years was a praying mother who instilled her faith in our lives. I am now in my 80th year, and I can truly say, as David said in Psalms, "I have never seen the righteous forsaken or his seed begging for bread." Once again, thank God for the CCC camp.

Send an apology

ALL Republicans who claim to be conservative should at the very least e-mail Rush Limbaugh's website and, if you have ever said or even thought anything critical of him, apologize.

Deflecting attention

THE Obama regime and its supporters in the media seem to be infatuated with Rush Limbaugh. Like President Nixon and his enemies list, President Obama has decided to target Limbaugh, a private citizen, hoping to deflect attention from his inept handling of the economy and his Cabinet. Yes, Limbaugh can be controversial, but he hasn't presided over the wrecking of the economy, and he hasn't nominated a bunch of tax cheats to his Cabinet. Obama has done these things. No wonder Obama wants Americans to pay attention to someone else.

All those earmarks

THERE is $8.5 billion of pork-barrel earmarks in President Obama's new budget -- the same earmarks he promised to go through line by line to eliminate. So is our new president in the pocket of special interests, or does he just not care how his administration is blowing the hard-earned money of U.S. citizens in these hard times?

Four-day school

THE issue of four-day school week comes up and the moronic comments begin. "Teachers getting another paid day off" and "I don't want to take care of my rugrats myself" were among them. First of all, if that's your attitude toward your children, God help them. As for the day off, the time for that day will be absorbed into the other four days. Teachers will work just as long, just in four days instead of five. The savings to the district is enormous. Buses run routes eight times, not 10 per week. Multiply those savings in gas, depreciation and maintenance alone and it's quite a bit. Cafeteria workers will work four days, and only four lunches will be fixed. Utilities can be adjusted late Thursday afternoon and readjusted early Monday, creating more energy savings. The economic advantages are huge. Other schools have done this, and it has been wildly successful. Yes, some parents will need day care, but day cares will adjust to meet the need. These parents already pay for it during summer, so adding one day a week is not a big deal.

You asked for it

FOR those experiencing regret after voting for Barack Obama, you should keep in mind that he promised a massive shift toward socialism and is delivering on that promise. Republicans sounded the warning, but the gullible wanted the change that Obama is delivering.

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