Out of the past 11/22/04

Monday, November 22, 2004

25 years ago: Nov. 22, 1979

Special Thanksgiving Day services are held at Westminster Presbyterian Church, St. Mary's Cathedral and St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church.

A man who took an active role in shaping both the future of Cape Girardeau and its schools, Oliver A. Hope, dies in the evening after an illness of some months; Hope, a current member of the city council, was 67 years old; he served a total of 20 years in elective office.

50 years ago: Nov. 22, 1954

Petitions are filed in the morning at the office of the city clerk demanding an election be held for the recall of Commissioner Philip H. Steck, now head of the city's health and cemetery departments; the petitions contain the signatures of 1,710 people.

Members of the county court receive copies of petitions asking for a Girls Town site, but indicate that action on deeding or leasing a portion of the County Farm for the Girls Town of Missouri might be delayed until a new court takes office Jan. 1.

75 years ago: Nov. 22, 1929

Cape Girardeau and Southeast Missouri are in the grip of a November cold wave, which has sent the mercury to new low levels for the season and to one of the lowest marks in recent years; the mercury on the Teachers College thermometer registers 20 degrees, while the official thermometer at Jackson hovers at 9 degrees.

The Sunnyland States Inc., with headquarters in Cape Girardeau, is granted a permit by the Missouri Public Services Commission to operate interstate motor buses through Missouri; the order ends the "bus war" which had been raging.

100 years ago: Nov. 22, 1904

Three new, fine business buildings will soon be seen on Broadway; William Haupt is having a two-story brick constructed just west of Martin's Hotel; Herman Rabich bought a lot on Broadway between Ellis and Pacific streets, and will begin at once the erection of a two-story business house; Jake Stone will also build a two-story business structure at the southeast corner of Broadway and Ellis Street, next to Rabich's.

There was a fine crowd at the armory last night to participate in the annual turkey shoot sponsored by the Company K boys; Dr. Morgan of near Delta won three turkeys.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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