Speak Out AAA 11/22/04

Monday, November 22, 2004

Praying for Iraqis

BELIEVE IT or not, many are praying for the Iraqi people. They need protection from the terrorists too.

Outrage over killing

THE OUTRAGE expressed over the murder of the innocent CARE worker still has not reached the eyes of those it should. I noticed that the Arab news, which seems to love to display murders and their antics, has refrained from showing their true colors. Nor do I hear the Muslim community expressing outrage over this murder. Is it possible that they just don't care when someone who shows true love gets murdered? Is it only when a terrorist is killed or dies that they express outrage? America, rise up and forget the bias press' display of cruelty. All you have to do is look at what these terrorists do to their own people and the innocent that help them. Then you see their true colors. They are murderers, not insurgents protecting their rights.

Religious fanatics

HISTORY IS there to learn lessons from. Religious fanaticism has not brought the world anywhere and has only impeded progress. Religion blinds people. If people act on convictions and beliefs and lose objectivity, there is no place for science. We will be going back 200 years.

Mascot excitement

I AM excited about the Southeast Missouri State University mascot change in a few weeks. Although it has been a number of years since I was a student, I am excited about the new Redhawks name and can't wait to get a T-shirt. I think the university made the right move in changing the mascot, and I think people will see great results from it.

No better treatment

THIS USED to be a nice, quiet neighborhood until our neighbors decided to be Mr. and Mrs. Do-gooder and go out and get dogs from the humane society. Supposedly they're doing these dogs a favor, but they keep them out in the yard all day where they bark and carry on. I think it's very inconsiderate. They leave them out in the rain, cold and heat. I can't see that the dogs are getting better treatment than when they were at the animal shelter. They might as well be strays.

Speeding issues

THIS IS concerning the widening of Bloomfield Road and the speeding that has been talked about on that narrow road. Police chief Steve Strong says the current road is too narrow to easily pull over speeding motorists. Does that mean they just let them go? Missouri law states that when you're being approached from the forward or from behind by an emergency vehicle, you will continue on until you can safely pull off the road. So what makes this road any unsafe or safer than any other one? Is this why the Cape Girardeau Police Department goes to the interstate and catches unwary potential visitors and runs them off by giving them a speeding ticket?

Board disregards others

IT IS interesting that the Cape Girardeau School Board disregards the constituents of the school district. The board is dead set on doing whatever it wishes. If the school board is smart enough to fire a superintendent, the school board should be smart enough on its own to hire a new one and not have to pay outside consulting firm.

All the benefits

WHEN QUOTING the Jackson's superintendent's salary in Speak Out, do not leave out the goodies. It is $118,000 salary, plus $10,000 annual annuity, plus $600 a month car allowance. That totals to $135,200, not including other benefits.

Opportunity and hope

WHAT A blessing if experimental stem surgery in China would benefit the ALS victim, Jim Trickey. The Southeast Missourian stated the family contemplated voting for Bush or Kerry, Kerry being a strong supporter of stem-cell research. Ultimately, they voted for Bush stating "regardless of who won, research approved would not bring about advancement in time to help." Their decision to vote for Bush would imply they're not considering those less fortunate who are unable to afford going to China for surgery. A vote for Kerry might have helped give others in the United States the same opportunity and hope.

New superintendent

HERE WE go again. Our school board has analyzed the problem. We must pay our new superintendent at least $125,000 to $140,000 a year. With this statement, the board has thrown away its negotiating rights. You can bet the board will find a candidate for this price range. Board members will make several expense-paid trips to find this person, then they will tell us, the taxpayer, how tough this search was. What we really need is a good business person to run this system. Hire one that's local or bring up someone from the school ranks to fill this job.

Malicious cat

THERE IS a yellow cat running at large on Randy Drive and Sue Drive in Jackson. This cat messes in our yards and has destroyed two robin nests and two cardinal nests and probably more that we're not aware of.

Vulgar and disgraceful

I THINK the fuss over the ad with the football player and the "Desperate Housewives" actress was a little ridiculous considering what has been on TV over the years. Any daytime show featuring women having more husbands is more vulgar and disgraceful than the backside of some woman's nude body.

Board advice

TO THE school board: Please do not hurt the district more by hiring a superintendent within the current administration. Everyone knows Mark Bowles did not make those decisions alone for which his contract wasn't renewed. If his actions were wrong, then those who advised him daily must also take responsibility. To simply move one of these people into Bowles' job would be irresponsible. In addition, the community connections between some administrators and board members would cause patrons to wonder if the change in superintendent was made for personal instead of educational reasons. The fact that the new superintendent will be paid several thousand dollars more will only add to that speculation and skepticism.

Use common sense

I THINK we should get rid of that whole school board and get members who use common sense on how to spend our money. It doesn't take a master's degree to use common sense. All you've got to do is use good horse sense.

Drummer to drummer

WE WERE at the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert, and my sister was there with her four children. By some chance, they got tickets on the front row. They weren't supposed to have tickets there but they got those anyway. So that was kind of a treat for them. What was really great was that at the end of the show the band members came down and gave my nephew, a set of drum sticks. What was so unusual about it is that out of all the people that he could have give them too he gave them to a drummer. I just thought it was kind of neat.

Matter of trust

FOR MANY years the citizens of Cape Girardeau have had a hard time trusting the city council. This trust issue can't be resolved when the city council and city hall refuse to turn over the results of the $29,000 study that was done on the salaries of all city employees after the fire tax was passed. The police department has been asking this public document since the pay plan was issued. The police had an attorney send a letter to city hall, but officials still refused to turn over the study. No wonder we don't trust the city council. What are they trying to hide?

Look at alternatives

IN REGARDS to the Jackson school bond failing, perhaps we should look at other alternatives such as crowding in the band department. Why is it the entire band must have class the same hour? Why not split these hours up with marching band meeting after school just as the other sports teams and other electives and organizations? We can spread this out. There can be enough room. We make a bad situation acceptable.

Enforcing the law

I WAS glad to read in a previous Speak Out that Jackson is looking at doing more to enforce the noise regulation ordinance in town. Things have about gotten out of control as far as all the noise. If they'd just uphold he ordinance that's already on the books, it will make a lot of difference.

Much too loud

I WANT to complain about the performance put on by Trans-Siberian Orchestra. After paying a total of $88 for two tickets, we had to leave in less than an hour due to the painful volume of the orchestra. What could otherwise have been a marvelous experience was completely destroyed. What can these people be thinking? No telling how much damage was done to the hearing of 4,300 people.

Two thumbs up

THANK YOU for bringing Trans-Siberian Orchestra to Cape Girardeau. It was the best thing that has ever been at the Show Me Center, and I highly recommend when they come again for everybody to go.

Deceit and ethics

THIS COMMENT is in regard to your "Teaching ethics" editorial. Frankly, our children and young adults are far more perceptive than we give them credit for. How could we expect them to be more moral and more ethical than the adults in their culture? Even our highest elected officials are rewarded for deceit and dishonesty.

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