Adapting to change

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The cover of this issue features 16 cover images from the 18-month run of SE Live as a free-standing arts and entertainment magazine. These covers represent issues that were either fun for us to put together or well-read in the community.

After this issue, SE Live will be folded into the daily paper each Thursday as the last few pages of the A Section -- that's the first section of the paper. Start at the front page, turn from right to left about four times (past the Opinion pages). If you reach Sports, you've gone too far.

The bad economy and a lack of advertising has dictated the company either adapt or -- well, there is no "or" in this case. We're going to adapt, and we're still going to bring you the arts and entertainment coverage you've come to expect from the magazine. It'll just be in the daily paper on Thursday.

We'll be rotating in new elements and growing our online presence. If we haven't found you on MySpace, look us up. We have one of those cool, easy URLs: We'll be starting a weekend playlist and posting links to A&E coverage.

Eventually, we hope to bring SE Live back to a magazine form when the stimulus bill bails out as many industries as it can and advertisers start advertising again.

Consider it like an artist changing mediums or a drummer changing bands: The location may have changed, but the essence of what we do will remain the same -- art and music.

The articles about art and events, ARTifacts, this column, movie reviews and movie listings will all be moved to the Thursday Southeast Missourian. At least we're not asking you to help move the boxes.

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