Letter to the Editor

Back responsible challengers on fiscal policy

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Many who voted for President Obama are noticing that the bloom on the rose is fading. Many are beginning to see the American Recovery and Restoration Act is not the change they were expecting.

They recognize it as the New Deal, the Great Society and more all packaged into one enormous spending and debt-building act.

Many of these programs will have to be funded year after year indefinitely. And now we have another $500 billion spending bill with more than 9,000 earmarks.

Sixty percent of this pork is from Democrats. The remaining 40 percent is exactly what the new Republican National Committee chairman said wouldn't happen.

It is only with conservative outlets that the American people are learning the truth about what this administration is doing.

If the Democrats have their way, those outlets will be silenced. Obama has promised not to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine, but we know that is in name only.

This is only the first round. The record is clear. Obama came to political power by eliminating opposition, and he will not tolerate the conservative voices that are corrupting the minds of his sheep.

As long as the current Supreme Court remains seated, the Fairness Doctrine or other concocted devices may not be upheld.

However, It appears likely that Obama may appoint one or two new justices, and there will be no doubt about their politics.

I can see only one possible remedy:

Vote against incumbents in the next election. Vote for all challengers, Republican and Democrat, who are running on fiscal and social conservative policies.

GENE NELSON ISOM, Olive Branch, Ill.