Out of the past 3/4/09

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

25 years ago: March 4, 1984

Air Illinois, the Carbondale, Ill.-based regional airline, is planning to resume its turboprop service between Cape Girardeau and St. Louis a week from today.

The entire town of Jackson is without electricity for between three and four hours early in the day, the result of a power outage south of town; city administrator Carl Talley is unsure of the cause of the problem, but indicates it comes from Union Electric lines south of Jackson.

50 years ago: March 4, 1959

Temporary office quarters are opened in the Nussbaum building, 314 S. Sprigg St., for Children's Products Inc.; final engineering, production planning and office procedures will be carried out at the office pending the establishment of the stroller-manufacturing plant.

Missouri Dry Docks and Repair Co. has purchased the city wharf barge from the city of Burlington, Iowa, and will bring it here by tow when the upper river is opened for navigation in about three or four weeks.

75 years ago: March 4, 1934

The Rev. B.L. Patrick, pastor of the Baptist Church at Marquand, Mo., and formerly of Cape Girardeau, will begin a two-week revival meeting tomorrow night at Emmanuel Baptist Church, 823 S. Ellis St.

Many Jackson residents visit Sanford Park, as the weather is ideal for outings of all kinds; the old mansion is being re-roofed and has been improved greatly in appearance; much grading and terracing has been done, and also an attempt at road building.

100 years ago: March 4, 1909

At a meeting last night, a slate of candidates for an "Industrial Ticket" for Cape Girardeau municipal offices was organized; the ticket consists of Merit E. Leming for mayor; Joel T. Nunn, collector; William H. Coerver, treasurer; Robert H. Whitelaw, city attorney; Lee L. Bowman, police judge; Antone Kammer, assessor; William H. Summers, marshal, and for aldermen, Joel T. Juden, E.F. Regenhardt, Will Hirsch and David A. Glenn.

Mrs. John Wilson has a small ad in the want ad column of The Daily Republican, announcing she will furnish brown bread and doughnuts on certain days of the week.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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