Southeast Missouri bankruptcy filings

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bankruptcies filed through January for the Southeastern Division of the Eastern District of Missouri's U.S. Bankruptcy Court are listed below with their corresponding case number. The Southeast Division includes the counties of Bollinger, Butler, Carter, Dunklin, Madison, Mississippi, New Madrid, Pemiscot, Perry, Reynolds, Ripley, Scott, Shannon, Stoddard and Wayne. Court is held in Cape Girardeau.

Bollinger County

Douglad, Anthony W. and Sherry D.10022

Calhoun, Jeremy A. and Crystal L.10068

Butler County

McGinty, Ronald J.10007

Mills, Kenneth R. and Barbara J.10011

Hefner, Larry E.10023

Hodge, Laura E.10026

Anderson, James W. and Nichole A.10036

George, Michelle Y.10055

Angelly, Tammy L.10057

Deaton, Billy D.10058

Lundry, Ricky L. and Linda G.P.10075

Wagner, David K.10076

Parson, Carolyn J.10078

Durbin, Cynthia L.10081

Cape Girardeau County

Sheren, Jacob W.10014

Lewis, Bonnie K.10016

Naeter, Christopher S. and Regina D.10024

Newbern, Robert L.10028

Pulliam, Larissa M. and Anthony P.10033

Cox, Tabitha M.10042

Kenco Construction, Inc.10043

Tuschhoff, Micheal L. and Ronda C.10047

Martens, Donald R. and Brenda J.10062

Lathum, Carl G. and Dana M.10064

Kaufmann, Charles W.10072

Clark, Tracie10074

Blades, Patricia A.10080

Barger, Leslie D.10086

Cooley, John D.10091

Henson, Brant D. and Jennifer K.10093

Carter County

Stahl, Sally A.10059

Dunklin County

Samples, Kathy J.10020

Hyde, Brenda L.10048

Fodge, Cathy and Steven L.10050

Moody, Jim and Donna10051

Manes, Benjamin10053

Boulton, Carla S.10077

Jefferson County

Walker, Julie L.10096

Madison County

Grado, Rene A. and Brandy N.10070

Cox, Harold D. and Brenda J.10090

Mississippi County

Lenderman, Rebecca C.10004

McGinnis, Jean N.10006

Fennell, Glenn E. and Carla L.10012

Poe, Lorie L.10067

Woods, Amy M.10069

New Madrid County

Bynum, Hope C.10030

Thacker, Jason D. and Joy M.10035

Edwards, Cheryl E.10052

Moody, Terry R.10066

Posey, Mark E.10084

Magee, Lonnie E. and Virginia L.10087

Hemphill, Kimberly W.10092

Pemiscot County

Callens, Jimmy B.10013

Watkins, Danny M.10025

Butler, William10049

Fuller, Lisa D.10065

Porter, Wayne C.10095

Perry County

Carron, Dennis R. and Deana A.10001

Little, Matthew T. and Krystal N.10010

Roberts, Betty J.10015

Moore, Shawn P.10046

Bachmann, Wesley C.10071

Gamblin, David J. and Alana M.10082

Orlando, Andrew C.10088

Wehmeyer, Mark L. and Debbie10089

Ripley County

Hardin, Scott A. and Tricia C.10044

Scott County

Collier, Gary L. and Linda F.10002

Harper, Philbert E. and Linda G.10003

McAllister-Meadows, Ruth Ann10005

Whitlock, Jack A. and Naomi L.10008

Deason, Cynthia L. and Ernest B.10017

Parks, Troy A. and Robin K.10019

Rulo, Michael J.10027

Shoemaker, Clara T. and James R.10029

Corder, Sally E. and Gary R.10032

Gremard, Jeremy D.10034

Plunk, Kenneth D.10037

Loflin, Johnny R. and Cheryl E.10039

Graviett, Edward L.10045

Schneider, Patricia A.10054

Gibson, Samuel and Annette C.10063

Hampton, Jerry W. and Stephanie R.10073

Amerson, Leota L.10083

Ray, Donald J. and Donnia S.10085

Koelzer, Allen G.10094

Stoddard County

Van Dorpe, Christopher S. and Leslie J.10009

Placher, Johnny and LouAnn10018

Coleson, Thomas F. and Patricia K.10021

Clay, Joseph F. and Patricia A.10031

Waymire, Mary E.10038

Smith, William H.10041

Clark, Earnest E. and Shirley J.10060

Cook, Jimmie L. and Glenda S.10061

Wayne County

Taylor, John F.10040

Kluempers, Theresa A.10056

Feldmann, Edward H.10079

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