Native Writer's Novel to be Featured in Scholastic Book Fair at Local Schools

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Native Writer's Novel to be Featured in Scholastic Book Fair at Local Schools

Dancing Leaf, written by Charlotte J. Ellington, a native of Cape Girardeau, will be one of the books featured in the Scholastic Book fair scheduled for several local schools.

Ellington's novel features a young Cherokee girl struggling with her changing world in the 1820's in Tennessee. The novel is rich with Cherokee history, lore and tradition. Every chapter begins with an authentic Cherokee myth.

The novel was written as a sequel to Ellington's first book, Beloved Mother, the Story of Nancy Ward, which is a fictionalized account of the celebrated "beloved woman" of the Cherokee. Nancy Ward was the great-grandmother of Cape Girardeau's own local legendary figure, Otahki.

Otahki, whose full English name was Nanny Bushyhead Walker Hilderbrand, was a young Cherokee mother, who died near Jackson, Missouri, during the Trail of Tears journey of resettlement to Oklahoma. Otahki's grave is marked with a special memorial in The Trail of Tears State Park.

Ellington's novel, Dancing Leaf, will be available at Scholastic Fairs at the following schools and times: St. Mary's School 11/4-11/7; Delta Jr. Sr. High 11/5-11/14; Jackson Middle School 11/12-11/28; North Elementary, Jackson, 11/12-11/21; Orchard Drive School, Jackson 11/19-12/5; Franklin Elementary, Cape Girardeau 11/26-12/12; and Trinity Lutheran, Cape Girardeau 12/3-12/12.

Charlotte Ellington, grew up in Cape Girardeau, attending Trinity Lutheran school, Cape Central High, and Southeast Missouri State University. She currently lives in Columbus, Ohio, and makes frequent visits to Cape to visit family and friends.