Krajcir says he's upset with Mt. Vernon, Ill., police

Friday, March 14, 2008
Timothy Krajcir appears on a video feed before Judge Gary Kamp in the Circuit Court of Cape Girardeau, Thursday in Jackson for his first hearing on charges that he killed five women in Cape Girardeau more than a quarter of a century ago. Five additional charges were outlined for the first time, four for sexual assaults and one for robbing an elderly couple of $130. (AP Photo/St. Louis Post-Dispatch, J.B. Forbes)

When Timothy W. Krajcir learned a man had been arrested for a brutal stabbing of a woman in Mt. Vernon, Ill., he didn't think the charges would stick because he knew he had been the attacker, he said from a visitation room inside the Cape Girardeau County Jail Friday.

"I knew they wouldn't have any evidence," said the confessed serial killer.

After stabbing the woman in her apartment in Mt. Vernon, he got into his car and drove back to Carbondale, Ill., he said.

On the way, he tossed his blood-stained T-shirt out the window somewhere along Interstate 57, he said.

Now, knowing that not only was a man named Grover Thompson convicted of a nearly identical crime to the one Krajcir admitted to committing, but Thompson died in prison in 1996, Krajcir is upset that a Mt. Vernon detective who interviewed him did not buy his confession.

After learning that the investigation may be reopened, Krajcir said he will take a polygraph test and volunteer a DNA sample, to be compared with any physical evidence collected from the case.

At Thompson's trial, a knife found in his possession was found to have contained minuscule drops of blood, too tiny to test for blood typing.

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