Out of the past 3/11/08

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

25 years ago: March 11, 1983

The 107th annual gathering of the Southeast Missouri District Teachers Association is held at Houck Field House; keynote speaker at the morning session is Dr. Earl Reum, coordinator of student activities for the Jefferson County Public School District in Lakewood, Colo.

The Southeast Missouri State Indians down the Tennessee-Martin Pacers, 83-71, at Houck Field House, claiming an overtime victory in the first round of the NCAA Division II South-Central Regional.

50 years ago: March 11, 1958

A 10-month lease for county use of Common Pleas Courthouse at a monthly rent of $200 has been signed by the Cape Girardeau City Council; it is the first time that the county, which occupies more than half of the historic building, has paid a rental fee.

Purchase of the Taylor Oldsmobile Agency is announced by Jesse O. Millikan of Millikan Inc.; in making the announcement, Millikan says the J & J Motor Co., 221 Independence St., will be discontinued and the Cadillac agency will be moved in with the Oldsmobile agency at 1444 Independence St. as soon as possible.

75 years ago: March 11, 1933

Most of Cape Girardeau's supply of gold coin has rolled back to First National and Farmers & Merchants banks; the bulk of it was held by about 15 people, and a dozen of them have returned the gold to the banks, as ordered by the federal government.

J. Byrd Oliver of Cape Girardeau is in Southeast Missouri Hospital suffering from injuries sustained yesterday, when his automobile was struck by a northbound Frisco freight train at a crossing two miles south of Lilbourn, Mo.

100 years ago: March 11, 1908

School director L.J. Albert Jr., wants action taken to make Cape Girardeau Public Schools safe for the children attending them; Albert wants to see that all doors that now open inward are changed to open outward, that fire escapes are placed on all buildings, and that boilers and furnaces are covered with asbestos, where there is a chance for woodwork to catch fire.

The Mississippi River is still rising rapidly; at 8 a.m., it reaches 23.5 feet, a rise of a foot and more in 24 hours.

— Sharon K. Sanders

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