Speak out 3/11/08

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Wages and prices

I'M getting tired of going to the store and hearing people complain about higher prices. Do people think you can raise the minimum wage and prices will go down? Most people voted to raise the minimum wage, which means most people voted for higher prices.

Higher gas taxes

THERE are some proposals in Congress to punish gasoline companies by raising taxes. We all know that gas costs too much. Punishing the gas companies won't make it better. If you charge more taxes, gas will cost more. We don't want to pay more.

Teaching credentials

I Can see allowing someone to teach without teaching credentials if schools are short of teachers, but only then. I can probably teach certain things, but I couldn't teach math. You would have to have testing for teachers. My hat is off to teachers. If new teachers can be hired, then by all means hire them. But get teachers with credentials, because they have earned it.

No deer hunting

THE WHOLE purpose of deer hunting in town is because the deer cause accidents and eat soybeans and other plants. A person is stupid to believe that, just because city officials tell you not to drink alcohol while hunting, hunters are going to obey that rule. I say no to deer hunting.

Too official

REGARDING THE proposal to make Budweiser Missouri's official beer: Is Curt Dougherty a fool? What is our state cigarette going to be? The official state whiskey, vodka and gin? The state recreational drug? The official drag-racing highway? The official state pornographic Web site? They all are abused and can cause medical problems, death or injury to others. Anheuser-Busch does not need this, and Missouri doesn't either. How about the official state trash can for lawmakers? Please, kill this thing before it gets started. Put your minds to better use.

Technology's limits

I SEE so many people these days who can't cope without their cell phones and computers. I don't own either of these contraptions and get along fine. I enjoy houseplants, artwork and sewing. I believe in technology as long as it does not turn into a fast-moving train with no brakes.

Reschedule History Day

HISTORY DAY should have been rescheduled. Because more than half of the schools not in session, Southeast Missouri State University should have postponed the event. Students worked hard on their projects. Now they feel like they have done all of their hard work for nothing.

Too much about hunting

I USED to get the Missouri Conservationist magazine years ago. It was a treasure trove of good articles about gardening, wildlife, places to visit. Now it's about hunting. I find the hunting articles distasteful.

On the sidelines

I'M DISAPPOINTED in David Limbaugh. Now that there's no conservative in the presidential hunt, Limbaugh is apparently going to sit on the sidelines and watch ("It will be fun") the Democrats and our nation continue to divide itself into ever more dangerous parts.

Make it a ministry

OH, DEAR! What to do with the deer? I have the perfect solution that doesn't involve rewriting city ordinances or issuing permits to solve the evil deer problem. Simply allow churches to organize the hunts. Churches require no permits. They are not bound by zoning restrictions. And they can pretty much do whatever they want wherever they want. All they have to do is call it a Deer Hunting Ministry.

Hunting behavior

I DIDN'T know anything about hunters until I saw the movie "Open Season." It may have been animated, but it opened my eyes to the way hunters behave and what animals really think about.

Worry about misses

THE PROBLEM with bowhunting in city limits is not killing the deer. It is missing your target. The arrow has to land somewhere. Will it hit a car tire, go through a home's window or into a child's heart?

Stimulate jobs

OUR CONGRESS passed a $152 billion stimulus package and is preparing to send out to all citizens rebate checks ranging from $300 to $1,600. The Internal Revenue Service has advised that it will cost us $42 million in postage to provide information to the citizens on who will receive the rebate checks. How foolish is this? Why didn't we just provide each state three billion dollars each for infrastructure repair and put people to work on repairing the infrastructure, which would have brought good-paying jobs and which builds a stronger America. This would have been a sound investment, but we had to give everybody a check. Most of it will go in to our gas tanks. Washington seems not to use good common sense any more.

Teaching others

IN TODAY'S U.S. military, which is one of the best-trained in the world, soldiers are taught by soldiers. None of them has a teaching degree. Medics teach medics to be medics and other soldiers to be first responders. At Defense Language Institute, soldiers teach foreign languages to other soldiers and produce personnel fluent in other languages in a matter of months. Information system specialists, nuclear propulsion specialists, nurses, pilots, navigators, infantrymen, combat engineers, electronics technicians — all are taught by other servicemembers. None of them has a teaching degree. If these young men and women can handle this job without a degree, I would think we could allow people with the proper knowledge base to teach in our schools without a teaching degree. Who knows? Take all that politically correct mush the teachers have to learn out of the picture, maybe our children would get a better education. Many of the best private schools do not require a teaching degree, only that you have the necessary education in the subject you are teaching for the grade level you teach and a college degree.