Speak Out 3/8/08

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Doing his job

PERHAPS BEFORE making judgments about Missouri Conservation Department agent Darrin Petitt, the people of Cape Girardeau should do some research. He takes calls and complaints on a daily basis about property damage due to deer and increasing deer-vehicle accidents. He is simply making a suggestion to the city about programs that have proven successful in other cities that have this problem. This issue will need to be addressed sooner or later. If anyone has a better suggestion, take your ideas to the conservation department in an appropriate manner. Petitt is doing is his job, and I commend him on a job well done. Keep up the good work.

Sensible plan

I LOGGED on to the Missouri Conservationist Web site to view the results of other bowhunting seasons in city limits. I viewed the St. Louis and Kansas City trial programs. No accidents or injuries were reported. In fact, vehicle collisions with deer have declined since the programs began. And to say that all hunters drink alcohol while hunting is stereotyping. We work in your hospitals, teach your children and try cases in the legal system. And with the meat we collect, we feed the poor of our communities. When is the last time you did something for those less fortunate?

Get informed

A LOT of the people making comments about bowhunting in Cape Girardeau don't know much about bowhunting. They hear the words "hunting" and "inside the city limits" and freak out. Does everyone think there would be a bunch of rednecks running around shooting anything that moves? Maybe if officials would have a meeting where concerned citizens could come together and have their questions answered, it might cure some unwanted fears. There can be easy compromises in a situation like this. Just give it some thought, ask questions and don't jump to conclusions about hunting or the people who love this sport.

Dangerous deer

HITTING A deer on the highway at speeds of 55 mph is a lot more deadly than an elderly woman backing into your vehicle. I have hit a deer crossing the highway, and I'm blessed to still be here today. As for the comment that most deer hunters drink alcohol: Surely you don't know my husband. Hunting is a privilege, and he takes it seriously.

Good work ethic

I DON'T know how many Mexicans in Southeast Missouri are legal or illegal, but I know they work hard. And they walk most places because they can't get a driver's license. If all the people on welfare had that kind of work ethic, we wouldn't have nearly as many people on welfare looking for a handout from the government. Everybody feels like the government owes them something. Get to work. Rod Jetton, I agree with you.

Do something

IF THE Democrats are complaining about the need for change, why haven't they introduced legislation while they've been in control of Congress to take care of some of these problems? Or is it going to be like the rest of the Democrats who are in there now but haven't done squat?

Ready to move

I AM leaning toward leaving the U.S. I've made a list of countries I wouldn't mind living in and becoming a citizen. This country is the laughingstock of the whole world. This country is nothing like what it was when I grew up. Nobody cares about anybody. Politicians lie. Government agencies aren't any good either. I'd rather live in another country than be embarrassed. I have no faith in my government.

Taking action

SPEAK OUT is a great way for folks to vent their frustrations and to tell the public about good deeds. As I read this column, though, I can't help but wonder how many times a caller might follow up with a letter to those responsible. Freedom of speech is a good thing, and Speak Out is an excellent forum. But if we're truly passionate or concerned about what we say, we should always put verbal comment into written word and direct it to someone who's in a position to do something about it.

Look to the future

ONE OF our area elementary schools has a sign up that says something like "It doesn't matter about happily ever after, what matters is happy right now." On face value, that may seem true, but I think it's sending the wrong message to kids. It's what we've become in society. We don't worry about tomorrow. That's why we have such a problem with our environment. It's why we have such a problem with our economy and it's why we have such moral issues now. This is what we've taught our kids. It's called instant gratification. That's a self-centered attitude. I'm not saying we should be unhappy, but there's a balance. We should look to the future and look at the consequences of our actions.

Bowhunting comments

A RECENT comment said most deer hunters drink alcohol when hunting. This is ridiculous. I've been deer hunting for 22 years and never had a drink while doing so. And I've never seen any of my companions imbibe either. Another comment about the pain and suffering caused by archery hunters is equally misguided. A well-placed shot by a skilled archer often kills the deer much quicker and more peacefully than a gunshot would. These misguided comments are getting on my nerves.

Thanks for the effort

THIS COMMENT is about the story of Sahara and Shannon Aldridge, "Playing for Sahara." My daughter played for Shannon Aldridge for two seasons. In that time she learned more about religion, basketball and making good decisions than I could ever have hoped to accomplish. In dealing with all the stuff Shannon went through, he continues to work with youths in Cape Girardeau County. Thank you very much, Shannon. It is appreciated.

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