History day winners

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Elementary exhibit


First place, Toby Miller, Risco, Mo.; second, Paige Medlin, Risco; third, Cheyenne Corbett, Risco.


First, Allen Rock and Cody Young, Risco; second, Caitlyn Earnheart and Casey Vandergriff, Risco; third, Gray Hallman and Austin Wheeler, Deer Creek Christian Academy, Cape Girardeau.

Junior paper

First, Penny Robinson, Deer Creek Christian Academy; second, Brett Ruch, Bloomfield Middle School, Bloomfield, Mo.; third, Kassi Lawrence, Gideon High School, Gideon, Mo.

Junior exhibit


First, Elizabeth Koehler, Cape Christian School; second, Landry Thurston, Bernie High School; third, Megan Sample, Cape Girardeau Central Junior High.


First, Sadie Vandergriff and Miquela Green, Risco; second, Emily McCord and Stephanie Hayes, Risco; third, Josh Earnheart and Brooke Walker, Risco.

Junior performance


First, Maggie Thorn, Bloomfield Middle School; second, Dylan Kennedy, Risco; third, Morgan Marcus, Gideon High School.


First, Robyn Chism and Morgan McClard, Bloomfield Middle School; second, Alexa Grissom, Hannah Moore and Taylor Robinson, Gideon High School; third, Ellie Kidd, Faith Reynolds, Kristyn Sanders Lizzie Nussbaum, Central Junior High.

Junior media


First, Kassidy Murphy, Risco; second, Andrea McCord, Risco; third, Mark Blanton, St. Mary Cathedral, Cape Girardeau.


First, Lychia Graviett and Caitelyn Salazar, Bloomfield Middle School; second, Becky Kennedy, Sadie Schaefer, Courtney Scheeter and Regina Seyer, St. Ambrose, Chaffee, Mo.; third, Landon Woods, Will Barnett, Austin White, Bernie High School.

Junior Web site

First, Amanda Walton, Risco; second, Mitchell Dirnberger and Grayson Glueck, St. Ambrose; third, Austin Hatchel, Bernie High School.

Senior paper

First, Lita Eakens, Risco; second, Dustin Ferguson, Clarkton, Mo.; third, Rachel Vernon, Bernie High School.

Senior performance


First, Slayton Boone, Gideon High School; second, Grace Powell, Risco.


First, Ashley Moore and Anna Godbey, Risco; second, Cassie Vise and Eric Pipkins, Risco.

Senior media


First, Aaron Lerma, Risco; second Kelsey Murphy, Risco; third, Krystal Wright, Risco.


First, Brittany Burnett and Justin Earnheart, Risco; second, Parker Evans, Kaleigh Evans and Jordan Blunt, Essex, Mo.; third, Cassy Woolverton, Lindsey Wilson and Jordan Boone, Gideon High School.

Senior Web site

Jessica Hunt, Alicia Rasmussen and Haley Stockton, Bernie High School; second, Justin Cook and Aaron Parson, Bernie High School; third, Josh Simpson, Kevin Sparks, Daniel Figueroa, Jeremy Cornman and Bobby Morales, Clarkton, Mo.

Senior exhibit


First, Marlyn Dickens and Jordan Passley, Risco; second, Josh Long and Ross Carter, Risco; third, Brandon Bennett and Houston Buck, Risco.


First, Macy Ellsworth, Gideon High School; second, Logan Randolph, Piedmont, Mo.; third, Zach Williams, Risco.

Outstanding regional history project 2008

Lychia Graviett and Caitelyn Salazar, Bloomfield Middle School.

Winner of the trophy for the most winning entries

Risco School District.

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