Remember those who loved Angela

While Joshua Kezer, his family and his many supporters are rejoicing over last week's decision that released him from prison, there are those who continue to feel the grievous sorrow of the murder of a loved one.

Family members and friends of Angela Mischelle Lawless, a beautiful 19-year-old when she was shot to death in 1992, now have to deal with the question they thought was settled by a jury more than 14 years ago: Who killed her?

For those who mourn this senseless death, there is nothing cheering in a judge's decision to set her convicted murderer free -- except the knowledge that wrongfully punishing a young man for a crime he didn't commit is no recompense for Lawless' death.

In its compassion, the community that valued the life of a vibrant young nursing student should now take stock of the renewed grief her family must endure.