Letter to the Editor

Historic date is slipping away

Sunday, February 22, 2009

On Dec. 8, Cape Girardeau celebrated the bicentennial of its incorporation as a town. The anniversary of this pleasant burg passed without much celebration, which is the problem. Where were the parades, the festivals, the historic re-enactments? Where was the yearlong celebration? Have we missed our greatest opportunity for free advertisement of Cape Girardeau?

The city, chamber of commerce, historical preservation groups and everyone who promotes the city should band together to take advantage of this historic event. Since we are still in our 200th year of official existence, there is still time for special events this spring and summer to highlight our heritage.

We are losing our history and heritage, and now we are missing a golden opportunity. Cape Girardeau can use this opportunity as a way to boost our local economy and tourism with educational and fun events.

If started now, Cape Girardeau could still shine a spotlight on the city. The city and chamber could start with adding a phrase such as "Celebrating 200 Years" to their logos. They also could create and promote events dealing with our important birthday. The Red House and Cape Rock Park would be great places to focus festivities.

The time for action is now. What can you do to help our area?