Speak Out AA 11/16/04

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

No more 'you guys'

I WANT to thank the caller who made the comment in regard to being called "you guys" at restaurants by servers. Finally, someone else finds this offensive. My wife and I do not wish to be referred to in this manner either and consider it blatantly disrespectful. May I suggest to all of us who don't want to hear this: let your distaste be reflected in your tip. That should quickly put an end to it.

Sassafras tea

I WAS wondering if anybody else remembers having sassafras tea when they were a youngster? My mama used to fix it over in Kentucky. I was looking at all those trees in my backyard and wondered if anybody else remembers having sassafras tea from the roots.

Cat is a menace

A BLACK cat has been roaming around the 2800 block of Hopper Road for years. It has turned over my trash cans in my carport and turned on my security light at all hours of the night. The cat's owners need to put it in a pen. Dogs have to be on a leash. Why not cats? I've had enough.

Wish we had co-pay

TO THE person who said her employee co-pay going up to $20: My husband is on five medications that cost $408.80 a month, and I'm on six medications that cost $428.13 a month. Because we are self-employed, we pay the total amount of $1,836.93 a month. We pay our own insurance. Wish we had co-pay.

Highway is repaired

I WANT to thank Speak Out for including my messages about Interstate 55 southbound at the 98-mile marker. The Missouri Department of Transportation has fixed the highway, and it's just wonderful. They did a beautiful job.

Skipping the medicine

I'M ON a lot of medication. I went to have a prescription refilled. It was just 30 pills. They were going to charge me $134. I need the medicine. I have heart medicine, high blood pressure medicine and seizure medicine. I told them to keep it, but my friends are checking on me. If anything happens to me, they'll know why. This mess is going to have to stop.

City's pay plan

THERE ARE children going to school without breakfast. The only meal they might get that day is a free lunch at school. It makes me sad that our mayor is only concerned with keeping up with Jefferson City salaries regarding police and fire personnel. Some single moms don't even make $5,000 or $6,000 a year, and that's what the police are getting for a raise for one year. I appreciate the garbage collectors. They are the ones who risk their lives in traffic and the elements.

Better cars from Japan

REGARDING U.S. and Japanese cars: You can't find a Japanese car that is over 60 years old because they weren't imported to America that far back. If you want to compare service records and reliability, you'll find that Japanese vehicles hold up better and have a greater resale value. You'll find very few Japanese cars in the repair shop after two or three years. I feel more comfortable driving my 10-year-old Japanese car than I do driving a 2- or 3-year-old American car.

Wonderful program

I WOULD like to praise Scott City schools for their Veterans Day service. The band was great, and some of the sixth-grade girls did a dance. The sixth-grade class sung two songs. It was all so touching to see the classes all together and to see the veterans. I really enjoyed police chief Cobb telling us what he did over in Iraq and telling us the good things some of the soldiers he was with did for the Iraqi children. It all was very touching to learn what goes on over their besides fighting.

Decorating plan

JACKSON HAS a much nicer plan for decorating for the holiday season than any other town in the area. Surrounding cities should take note. Keep up the great work, Jackson.

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