Letter to the Editor

Luscombe plane still has a future

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

To the editor:

It is sad to hear of the financial problems of the Renaissance Aircraft project in Cape Girardeau. The Luscombe aircraft the company planned to produce is an excellent light aircraft, I've been flying one built in 1947 for over 32 years now. I stopped in Cape Girardeau a couple of times this year to check on the project, but there was nobody around the place each time I was there.

The production jigs, tooling, spare parts and type certificate are worth preserving, and the city might consider impounding these assets for safekeeping and sale to another buyer in the aviation community. Some of them are probably irreplaceable. The new light sport aircraft regulations recently passed by the FAA fit several models of the Luscombe, and there should be a substantial market for this aircraft, both in domestic sales as well as export in the near future for such a fine flying and economical and proven design as the Luscombe model 8.

DOUG McDOWALL, North Little Rock, Ark.