Suit up: Guys have lots of tuxedo options for prom

Friday, February 20, 2009
"Illusions" Jean Yves
Coat features narrow satin notch lapel. Collar can be flipped up to reveal black satin edging.

You wait until the night before a test to study, so why not wait until the days before prom to go for your tuxedo?

There's a good reason not to: You probably won't get the one you want, said Kathy Wright at Garber's Menswear in Cape Girardeau. The company stores order from may be out of a color and if you're an odd size the order can be delayed.

Waiting until the week before prom, "that's pushing it," Wright said.

"Once they know their date's dress colors, they need to book as soon as possible," she said.

Don't be afraid to ask for help, guys. "A lot of them come in with their girlfriends and she picks it out," Wright said.

"SAVOY" by Jean Yves
Two-button, single breasted with nonvented back. Satin trim outlines a notch lapel and accents flap pockets.

She said to call your preferred tux shop and set up an appointment. Wear normal clothes like jeans and a T-shirt so the person measuring you can get an accurate measurement — that means take off the hoodie and don't wear extremely baggy pants.

Getting fitted takes only a few minutes, picking out the tux takes a little longer. First off: black or white or something else? Then there's the jacket length and stripe options.

Wright said a lot of students match their vest and tie to their date's dress. Do you want accessories? Most shops can get canes, hats and decorative chains, but those are purchases, not rentals.

But Wright said most guys just get a regular tux with a colored vest, so calm down, fellas.


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