Special-use permit OK'd for Jackson business

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

The Jackson Board of Aldermen granted special permission for the installment of large signs to one of the aldermen Monday night.

Joe Bob Baker, owner of a salvage business on West Jackson Boulevard, left his seat as a city official and approached the board as a resident, asking the city to allow him to put up two signs that are about 14 feet longer than the 50-foot limit established by the city.

But his request for a special-use permit came under odd circumstances.

The signs he wanted to put up had been up for about 30 years before the Missouri Department of Transportation made him take them down due to the construction.

Baker's signs had been "grandfathered" in before the city restricted attached signs to 50 feet.

Baker said the signs would've fallen under the city codes if they were placed on a pole, but in order to put them on a pole, he would've blocked the view of the sign at the flower shop next door.

Alderman Larry Cunningham, who rarely votes for special-use permits, said he voted for this one only because Baker was forced to take them down.

The board voted unanimously to approve the special-use permit. Baker abstained.

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