Rental Land expands in Cape

Monday, November 15, 2004

Business Today

In 1966, the first outlet for Cape Girardeau's rental needs opened in a small building at 1455 Independence St., then later moved to its current location at 1922 Independence St. The business -- Rental Land -- rented out equipment for construction, lawn and garden, maintenance and plumbing.

In 2002, owner Mark Kasten opened a second store at 52 S. Plaza Way in Town Plaza. However, the recent departure of Beaver Janitor Supply from its store at 1914 Independence St. left an opportunity for Kasten to bring the Rental Lands together.

Kasten said the second store, which specializes in renting tables, chairs, tents and supplies for parties and special events, was expanding at such a rate that it soon outgrew the 6,000-square-foot shop in the Town Plaza. Kasten said that when a space more than twice that size opened up right next door to the flagship Rental Land, it was too good to pass up.

The two stores now share a parking lot. The special events store has 12,500 square feet to split between warehouse storage and showroom space for its rapid and ongoing expansion. Kasten opened at 1914 Independence St. in early November.

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