Speak out 2/18/09

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Business as usual

HOW quickly we've learned President Obama's own words from his inauguration mean nothing. "Those of us who manage the public dollars will be held to account to spend wisely, reform bad habits and do our business in the light of day, because only then can we restore the vital trust between a people and our government." By throwing borrowed dollars that our children will have to pay back at liberal pet projects without a careful examination of the bill, Obama confirms his words were lies. Using every opportunity to berate Republicans, he has rendered his promise of a post-partisan presidency a lie. It's business as usual for Democrats, and Obama's opportunity to "restore the vital trust" was wasted in just a few days.

Salary caps

THE CEO bonus cap may not have much effect on the sober sages who make up the Southeast Missourian editorial board, but when my spouse knew that Sen. Claire McCaskill was a driving force behind the idea of limiting CEO bonuses for failing or failed companies and that it had come to fruition, she screamed, in reference to McCaskill, "You go, girl!"

Computer records

PRESIDENT Obama's bailout drops E-Verify because a simple Social Security number-name match is "prone to error" but says that computerizing complex medical records of 306 million U.S. residents will make them "safer." Say what?

Obama's appointees

A Speak Out contributor lamented the fact that he and his wife work and pay taxes only to see those in power not do the same. He closed his comments by saying, "President Obama voices great aspirations but may find it impossible to achieve those aspirations because of the corruption within our government." Obama wasn't saddled with these folks, so to say such people will be a stumbling block for Obama's success was inaccurate. My take on the situation: Obama will find it impossible to achieve those aspirations as long as he puts into government positions people who are corrupt. And so far, he's not doing very well.

Manipulate markets

IF anyone still harbors the illusion that we have any semblance of a free market, read the article on the front page of Monday's paper about gas prices and the Opinion page article concerning why it's a bad idea to cap executive pay. When a cartel is allowed to set gas prices or an executive who has run his company into the ground gets a huge bonus, can there be any doubt that markets are manipulated to favor those in power?

Bank euphemism

I agree with an ABC News correspondent who said his favorite euphemism for the possible coming of the U.S. banking system's nationalization (a scary word to many, and one that conjures up thoughts of socialism) is — get this — "pre-privatization."

Just wait

YOUR pejorative editorial point that "too much of private enterprise is sinking into the maw of government" leads me to think you had better prepare yourself for what's to come. In essence, you ain't seen nothing yet. As evidence, Republicans are kicking around the idea that our broken capitalist system needs such serious repair that the next step may have to be nationalization of virtually the entire U.S. banking system.

Made where?

I drive a Toyota Truck that was built in San Antonio by American workers. I could not be happier with it. If you look at the so-called American car companies with unions, most of them are built in Mexico or Canada. You should look at the window sticker before you buy to make sure where it was built.

Hospital costs

RECENTLY while in the emergency room I was told by a nurse my problem and pain were due to needing to use the bathroom. This was after a blood test, a three-minute talk with a doctor, three X-rays and five hours in the emergency room bed. I believe due to rights of privacy the doctor on my case should have been the one telling me of my problem. I was then told the hospital would keep me all night for observation and further testing if I wanted. Why would you admit someone if all you believe is wrong with them is they need to go to the bathroom? No wonder insurance costs are rising and why our emergency-room bills are through the roof.

No budget billing

I'M a senior citizen and live in Jackson. I signed up for budget billing for my electricity. Because I live in Senior Gardens II in an apartment, I'm not allowed to sign up for budget billing. That's not right. When we're on a fixed income, we're not going to be moving around like a lot of other people, and we pay our bills.

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