Out of the past 11/13/04

Saturday, November 13, 2004

25 years ago: Nov. 13, 1979

While Iranian students at many university campuses in the United States have been the target for anti-Iranian protests in light of the hostage situation in Tehran, Iranian students at Southeast Missouri State University report their relationships with American students have, for the most part, remained normal.

Concern about the need for a stronger high school foreign language program was expressed to the Jackson school board by two parents.

50 years ago: Nov. 13, 1954

About 475 students have registered for the 30th Missouri Baptist Student Union Convention at First Baptist Church, and about 300 more are expected to arrive as the day progresses.

Two double-charged time bombs found yesterday in construction projects at Bloomfield and Jackson apparently were spawned from the same mind, say investigators; the same wiring method was used in both bombs.

75 years ago: Nov. 13, 1929

Four people are injured and 23 others escape with slight bruises and lacerations when a heavily loaded motor bus of the Atlantic & Pacific lines crashes through a bridge on Highway 61 in Jackson at 4 a.m.

Cape Girardeau physicians begin vaccination of those pupils in the public schools who haven't received this attention; clinics in each school are conducted under the direction of the board of health.

100 years ago: Nov. 13, 1904

The Rev. Robert S. Brown preaches special sermon to women at the Presbyterian Church in the morning, the subject being, "Woman's Place and Power in Christian Work."

Confirmation services are held in both the local Catholic churches; Archbishop John Glennon of St. Louis conducts the services; St. Vincent's Church was so packed with people, extra chairs had to be placed in the rear of the pews and in the choir loft.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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