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Saturday, November 13, 2004

No leniency for Hinckley

I JUST heard on the news where John Hinckley's attorney tried to get longer visitation rights for his client with his parents. I find it appalling as a U.S. citizen that a man who tried to murder the president of the United States is let go at any point. Now they're saying Hinckley isn't sick. They thought he was sick when they put him in a mental institution instead of prison where he belongs. I can't believe money can buy freedom for a person who has tried to kill the president. I just don't know what the world's coming to.

Moral question

WHICH IS less moral: a young woman who works as a stripper to pay her way through college, or a young woman sells her egg, perhaps never knowing where that child will end up?

Proud of programming

I WANT to congratulate the local CBS station for cleaning up its act. CBS has some of the most wonderful shows on this year with really talented people, and it's clean. I am proud of CBS and KFVS12.

Sending a message

ONE OF the biggest challenges we face as teachers is parents who send their kids off to school and play no part in either supporting their students or the school. How long does it take to sign a piece of paper? Don't you think your reaction sent a clear message to your child: what you do at school is of no concern to me?

Earn your pay

MY TAXES on my house have doubled in the last 10 years. This year the city council pushed to raise taxes and got the firefighters and police officers a raise. The school raised our taxes. Gasoline is way too high. And now the mayor wants to compare us to Jefferson City. I would like for these people to have real jobs where you actually work and earn your pay.

Sticking to their guns

AS A city employee, I would like to thank Councilman Charlie Herbst and city manager Doug Leslie for sticking to their guns for the other employees just beside the police and firefighters. I appreciate those guys for holding up for the people who actually get things done in the city and keep it moving from day to day.

Immature behavior

I ATTENDED the meeting Monday night at city hall and was astonished to see how immature the Cape Girardeau police officers were. They should take into consideration that they could have gotten nothing instead of wanting it all. They should take lessons from the fire department and the public works employees and be grateful they got something.

Into the river

THIS IS to Mayor Jay Knudtson. Would you like to explain to my children why I might have to work Christmas day and possibly get a second job to pay my taxes? You know what they did to the tea at the Boston Tea Party? I say we do the same to your tax ideas in the Mississippi River.

Reason for jokes

I WONDER if people know why they tell blonde jokes. They make up blonde jokes so the guys can understand them.

Looking for ideas

I WAS wondering if anybody had any ideas as to what I could do about my neighbor's dog. It barks night and day. It also defecates in my yard and another neighbor's yard. I don't know why they have this dog. They pay very little attention to it. It's on a cable all the time. It never gets to go in the house. Nobody ever pays any attention to it. It's a very lonely dog. I feel like this is animal abuse. I just was wondering if there was anything we could do to put a stop to this.

Bring them home

I JUST saw where President Bush offered his prayers and thanks to the fighting soldier in Fallujah and their loved ones. Having a loved one over there, I can tell you I don't thank him for that. If he really wanted to do something, he'd bring our loved ones home. That's how I feel about it.

Pick up the food

I THINK it is wonderful that the Boy Scouts are picking up canned goods, but I wish when they leave the bag for canned goods that they would please come by and pick up the sacks that have food in them.

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