Letter to the Editor

'No' votes from outside Jackson

Saturday, November 13, 2004

To the editor:

In a recent issue of the Southeast Missourian, your writer indicated that the residents of Jackson defeated the school bond issue submitted to voters Nov. 2. This is incorrect information. Perhaps the writer should have checked the total votes by precinct first.

The combined vote for all of the Jackson precincts was 4,546 for and 3,107 against the bond issue, or a total of 59 percent in favor. To pass, a 57.15 percent favorable vote was required.

The defeating votes came from Gordonville, Millersville, Oriole-Neelys Landing and Whitewater.

Anyone who has seen the overcrowded conditions in the high school can readily recognize the urgent need for this facility expansion.

Obviously, there were many voters from these communities who did support the issue, just not enough. Those who did should reach out and tell the need story to their neighbors.

KEN RUFF, Jackson