Speak Out A 11/12/04

Friday, November 12, 2004

Prayers for troops

I WANT to thank the military families, especially those who are serving in Iraq, for their sacrifice to make the world a safer and better place, especially at this time when veterans are being recognized. I think it's important to remember our soldiers overseas. Our prayers are with them. I hope this will be over soon.

Parents should care

I HAVE a problem with parents who don't want to be bothered with knowing what school activities their children are taking part in. Better a signature now than a lawsuit later because you weren't informed and don't want your child involved. If you truly care about your child, You will want to sign the forms and will want to know what is happening. Sad is the child whose parents are too preoccupied with their own lives to care.

Remember the pay plan

I WOULD like to thank the Cape Girardeau City Council, mayor and city manager for telling the public works employees once again that they are not quite as good as the police and fire departments. I hope the mayor and the police and the fire departments remember what they did to public works employees when their sewer lines clog up, when it snows this winter and they need the plows to clear the streets, or when they need trees cut and cleared after a storm. I know all the men and women doing these jobs will be thinking of them every time they look at their paychecks next year.

Pet adoptions

I AGREE with the comment about adopting a senior animal at the Humane Society. These animals are more docile and will accept all the love you can give. Please have your pet spayed or neutered. The next time you're considering getting a new pet, give the Humane Society a visit. Don't forget the society in your holiday gift giving.

Slovenly society

I HAVE a friend who teaches evening classes for the university, and I hear all about how rude the students are. They come to class late, bring food and drink and get up and walk out. This is indicative of the type of society we've become. We're lazy, slovenly, unkempt and generally obnoxious. Shame on us all for allowing ourselves to get this way.

Home addresses

I HAVE been working on a number of computer class projects that involve students to know their home address. It is unfortunate the projects are slowed down because students do not know their address. It is more unfortunate for their safety. I teach K-8. Please, parents, teach your children to know their home address and phone number. Protect your children with information.

Church didn't know

I TOO am a member of a church where political fliers were left on the cars during a church service. I also thought it was very inappropriate. But the following Monday I received an e-mail from a church staff member apologizing and explaining that this was done without the knowledge of the church.

Help is available

A SIMPLE phone call is all it takes to get physical help to vote. Unity is the most important necessity now that America is fighting its enemies. We don't need fighting at home in America and subversive agitation.

Absentee ballots

WHAT IS all the hullabaloo about accessible voting places? Don't people know there are absentee ballots for those unable to get to the polling places?

Poor eyesight

WHEN I went to vote, I was behind a man who gave his name to the poll worker. She couldn't find his name, but the man could read his name upside down. She couldn't find my name either. I showed her my name by reading it upside down. Please get younger people when it is a big election. This woman really let a lot of people stand in line longer than they should.

Following principles

WHILE CHURCH may be a guide for political judgment, it should be taught in generic terms. The Bible teaches correct principles, then it's up to one to follow them.

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