Speak Out 2/8/09

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Difficult job

MY heart goes out to all in the Sikeston area with no power and the difficulty of living without it. To those who complain about the linemen: Try sleeping in your truck for two nights and working around the clock with no shower, no toilet and poor food. Yes, they are paid well, but don't compare them to an auto worker who stands on an assembly line doing the same thing day in and day out. Unless you've done what the linemen do, you have no idea. My husband is one of them, and I can tell you it's a difficult job to say the least. Thank you, linemen, for keeping us up and running.

Paying taxes

OUR president promised to pick the best and the brightest to be in his Cabinet. Why have three of his appointments been found to be tax cheats? Maybe the best and the brightest do not need to pay their taxes.

Stepping up to the plate

OF course, it would have been better had it not happened at all, but is so refreshing to see and hear President Obama step up to the plate, say he screwed up and accept full responsibility for the Cabinet appointment snafus. No dissembling. No equivocation. No buck passing. As a result of this, my faith in President Obama to lead us out of the wilderness is stronger than ever.

Saving face

THE Democrats having the majority in Congress has enabled Republicans to show a united front and pacify their constituency by voting unanimously against the unpopular but necessary stimulus bill, saving face because they knew the bill would pass regardless of how they voted.

Leaderless GOP

IF partisan Speak Out comments are correct in asserting that FDR failed at dealing with the Great Depression, then one wonders why the American voters elected him three times before we entered World War II. We know Herbert Hoover was a terrible GOP opponent in 1932. The Republican candidates in 1936 and 1940 must have really been stinkers if FDR was such a failure. Or would FDR bashers care to blame it on the ignorance of the American voters? Honestly, I never thought I'd see the GOP in such dire straits as it was said to be in the 1930s, but it is so leaderless today it's laughable.

Getting it right

IT would be nice if more people could have the attitude of a woman who was getting tacos. Someone had not gotten her order correct. She wasn't yelling or making the girl behind the counter feel like it was her fault. One of the employees thanked her for not cussing her out, and the customer asked what good that would have done. It was a mistake. I am not sure I would have had the same reaction, but I admire her for her humanity.

Spend some money

I find it sad that so many people are so negative about our new president. He is not the reason stock portfolios have lost money. There is so much doom and gloom about our economy. I agree folks need to save, but the wealthy ones are being greedy by pulling all of there money out and putting it into savings and money-market accounts. When they seel stock and move it to a money-market account. that company's price per share also drops. Spend some money Buy something that will affect someone else.

Free mortgages

I think it's laughable to listen to President Obama talk about how terrible it is when failing banks give big bonuses. Everybody else is laughing at President Obama for giving money to these banks in the first place. A better idea for a bailout would be to give every mortgage owner a free mortgage. That would be an economic stimulus. But that wouldn't be fair to the poor Americans who don't have mortgages. Oh, well, it was a good idea while it lasted.

Icy parking lots

I was recently in Cape Girardeau shopping. The parking lots were terrible. Where I live people will blade the streets/parking lots until the job is done. It was not a pleasant trip, and I am disappointed.

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