Cheers: Notre Dame, Central do it together

Friday, February 6, 2009

Cheerleaders at Notre Dame Regional High School and Cape Girardeau's Central High School in 2006 started a wonderful tradition. The two squads perform a dual cheer. Cheerleaders from both schools learn a new cheer made up by the host school.

Of course, the cheerleaders are just as competitive as the teams they represent. They help their teams win by getting spectators to show their support. But for the dual cheer, the two groups put school rivalries aside for a few minutes and put their best cheerleading skills on display.

And cheerleading involves considerable skill. A well-done cheer is fun to watch and combines movements that showcase physical strength as well as gracefulness.

This year, the coaches of the two cheerleading squads suggested another level of cooperation: donations for the Humane Society of Southeast Missouri.

It's great to see high school students supporting their teams while learning some valuable life lessons.

Congratulations to the cheerleaders at Notre Dame and Central for setting a wonderful example for players, fans and students.

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