Out of the past 11/9/04

Tuesday, November 9, 2004

25 years ago: Nov. 9, 1979

Three possible methods of alleviating flooding along Cape LaCroix and Walker creeks were unveiled yesterday by the Army Corps of Engineers; the possibilities, determined over the course of a study which has been underway five years, involve channelization, channel widening and a detention basin, or a combination of all three.

Two industrial buildings in Scott City owned by the Ely Walker Co., which had been used for many years as clothing production plants, are sold to Blair Industries of Chicago.

50 years ago: Nov. 9, 1954

The annual convention of the Ninth District Federation of Women's Clubs is formally opened at Jackson for its two-day session; representatives attend from 87 allied clubs in the district.

A new story by Jean Bell Mosley appears in this week's Saturday Evening Post; titled "A Lesson for Teacher," it is the story of a teacher of a country school who believes in learning by doing; the field trips she takes her pupils on include one on trapping.

75 years ago: Nov. 9, 1929

Ferney Runnels, 92, a veteran of the Civil War and a resident of Cape Girardeau and Bollinger counties all his life, died of pneumonia yesterday at his home on the Whitewater River at Runnels Ford; he is survived by two sons and two daughters.

Pupils in Cape Girardeau schools who haven't been vaccinated against smallpox when they report for classes Monday, will be administered the vaccine by local physicians working at the schools.

100 years ago: Nov. 9, 1904

When George and Fred Naeter, publishers of The Daily Republican, arrive at their office early in the morning, they find the front door draped with crepe, making them wonder; the publishers report neither one is dead; Democratic pranksters apparently decked out the door after Republican Theodore Roosevelt was elected president yesterday.

Clay Phelps treats his friends to a champagne banquet at his saloon in the evening to celebrate the election of the entire Republican ticket in Cape Girardeau County.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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