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Speak Out 2/1/09

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Pied pipers

PRESIDENT Obama has put in charge of the IRS a guy who cheats on his own taxes but will prosecute and persecute any of you middle-class taxpayers if you dare do what he did. Corrupt bankers got bailouts as their reward, and middle-class America gets the shaft. Democrats rose to power propagandizing our nation as being the party for the little guy. Such rubes you Democratic voters are. Democrats not only rob citizens of their hard-earned paychecks, but their savings and Social Security as well. There is nowhere for the American worker to go. With the value of their wages eaten up by inflation, they can no longer pay their mortgages or buy a car, and many are barely surviving. Yet they remain mesmerized by the deceptive tunes of the Democratic pied pipers who are leading them to their destruction.

Ready to fight

WHEN Bush was president and Republicans were in power and the Democrats were fighting them every step of the way, the Democrats and their minions in the press labeled Republicans divisive. Now with Democrats in power Republicans must do what their told or they'll still be labeled divisive. Obama didn't win a landslide. Why should those of us who voted against him surrender the country's future to him without a fight?

Selling snake oil

AL Gore suggests our world is in grave danger, and I would agree with him. However, the danger does not lie in the myth of man-made global warming but in the continuing ability of snake-oil salesmen like Gore to peddle his nonsense to a gullible public.

Miserly GOP

PORKAHOLIC Republicans are trying to recast themselves as miserly penny-pinchers so as to differentiate themselves from President Obama's practical, sensible-minded stimulus program for political purposes. They may succeed.

Storm memories

MY prayers are with Sikeston and the Missouri Bootheel as well as Kentucky. Jackson was hit with a massive ice storm in February 2008 and a flood five weeks later. I know the terror that comes with the popping and snapping and the helpless feeling when you see massive trees and limbs falling and transformers exploding. It took till the end of May to clean up the mess. When this year's storm started, the trauma in my mind began: the noise of sleet against windows that would not go away, I kept waiting for the inevitable terror to start. Thank God we did not lose power or have massive damage. I dislike snow, but at 3 a.m. Wednesday I awoke to silence, the most precious sound since Monday, and I realized it was snowing. Thank God for the Wednesday morning sun and nothing falling out of the sky. God will get us through this.

Rural services

WEBSITES are so slow. I live in rural Cape Girardeau County, and I am sure I am not the only Internet user with dial-up service. It has taken me 17 minutes to log onto the semissourian.com site. The KFVS12 site is not even accessible. All the advertisements take preference and make it unpractical to use these sites. Why not use your influence to promote high-speed Internet service for rural county users? This is the 21st century, but Cape Girardeau County is so far behind times it is pathetic. Everything from unpaved roads to public water supply to any type of convenience service is what rural residents face every day. It doesn't have to be this way.

Snowy roads

WE pay fees to keep up the road where I live, yet we can never get out when it's icy or snowy. Since we've been here, we have lost as much or more in wages as we have paid in fees. Is this right? What's the point in paying the fee?

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For coffee from last night:

The disabled ... I know that there are different 'levels' of disability when it comes to SS or to 'welfare' programs. I also know that sometimes it doesn't seem quite fair and that sometimes some take advantage. However ...

I'm not much 'into' relating personal info, but will say this: Good for your grandma ... But ... there are many forms of arthritis as well as many levels/stages of those diseases, including fibromyalgia, lupus, psoriasis, etc. Some might be lucky that their osteoarthritis doesn't progress as rapidly as others, in part due to keeping weight down and muscles as strong as possible. Some have rheumatoid arthritis which may not 'flare' for even years, but when it does, the damage is permanent. There are many people who are more 'pain tolerant' than others, others who have the psychological need for sympathy and understanding, some who 'give in' to their pain, and many who force themselves to accept and deal with pain--in silence. I am one of the latter mainly because I am so darned stubborn. Anyone who sees me working in the garden or pushing a cart in the grocery store wouldn't realize ... and that's the way I prefer it because of stubborness and pride ... Well, I just wish that ... I guess that everyone could remember the old 'walk a mile in my shoes' ... I am so very sorry about your cancer, and so glad it's in remission. You're one of the 'tough' people ... but please, realize that not everyone is or can be.

Realize also that some who are disabled don't know how to 'rehabilitate' themselves to the point where they can learn a new 'trade,' because of their age or ... Some have a type of disability which prevents them from knowing from day-to-day (or sometimes hour-to-hour, which is fairly common with some of the various types of arthritis, at least) whether they will be able to work at any scheduled time. Not many employers out there who would hire someone who couldn't be depended upon to come to work even if it were only for a few hours a week.

I wish that all this could change your perceptions about the disabled.

-- Posted by gurusmom on Sun, Feb 1, 2009, at 3:33 AM

The Cape Girardeau Convention and Visitors Bureau along with the Chamber of Commerce

have decided that we would rather shell out $50-$75k for an idiotic bike race rather than have the Air show or Libertyfest. Those were canceled because of a "Lack of funding". If they can come up with the funds for the 2009 Tour of Missouri then why not our Yearly Events? I guess Independence Day is not a priority any more....

-- Posted by hotshot202 on Sun, Feb 1, 2009, at 8:22 AM

Obama did win a landslide victory by nearly nine million vote difference, if that is not a landslide I don't know what is. The republicans lost the election not because of the people but because of the republicans failed policies for the past eight years and not focusing on the needs of the working middle class, but taking care of the wealthly and look where it got us. So much for "trickle down economics" nothing trickled down.

-- Posted by swampeastmissouri on Sun, Feb 1, 2009, at 9:12 AM

Pied Pipers: Abolish the IRS and the Income Tax

Ready to Fight: There is no such thing as true Bi-Partisanship, that's why we have more than one party.

Snake Oil: But he invented the INTERNET. (Tongue in Cheek)

Miserly GOP: ALL politicians are porkhounds.

Storm Memories: Mother Nature can be a BIT**

Rural Services: Aren't you lucky you have power right now

Roads: Have you called and complained?

-- Posted by tinks89 on Sun, Feb 1, 2009, at 9:43 AM

Have Wheels Will Travel: I understand Daschle paid his $140,000 plus penalties in full back in June of 08 and also the Newly appointed Treasury Secretary paid his in full prior to appointment. There is many more including democrats and republicans that currently hold office that have not paid there taxes. I know if a Missouri State Employee does not pay his/her State Taxes each year they will not work for the State of Missouri and that same rule should apply to all Federal Office Holders and their appointees, along with federal employees.

-- Posted by swampeastmissouri on Sun, Feb 1, 2009, at 9:53 AM

James, I asked a phone tech here in IL why we can't get high speed internet here, and he explained that it was due to the fact that they can only go certain distances from their stations with this capability, like one to two miles, and most of the county I live in is very rural. (that's very simplified, I didn't really understand all of it). We do have wireless available here in some areas, but I have not tried it yet, as I want to do more research on the safety of it in regards to others having access to personal information. Also, at my home, we cannot even get a cell signal, so I know the wireless would most likely not work there. At my office, which is in town, we could probably get both. I did change my browser to Mozilla and I have seen a great improvement.

-- Posted by tinks89 on Sun, Feb 1, 2009, at 10:25 AM

Wheels, if any of us got caught cheating, they'd probably put us under the jail. If the people in charge don't follow the rules, why should they expect us to.

-- Posted by tinks89 on Sun, Feb 1, 2009, at 10:33 AM


Just an FYI, I have satellite Internet service and it works well. My cell phone service is pretty spotty, so you can have one where you can't get the other. The downside is that it is pretty expensive. I think you can also get Internet through Battles Communications in some areas which is a "line of sight" set up as opposed to satellite.

-- Posted by Red_Rhino on Sun, Feb 1, 2009, at 10:59 AM

Pied pipers: Republicans invented the IRS.

Ready to fight: Didn't win a landslide? Who are you kidding? Prat!

Selling snake oil: Snake Oil salesman thrive in depressions.

Miserly GOP: Off with their heads!

Storm memories: Mother Nature.

Rural services: Tell Charter to get their butts in gear, and stop being complacent!

Snowy roads: Exactly!

-- Posted by Megalomania on Sun, Feb 1, 2009, at 11:00 AM

Swamp , wheels has a point if we could all just wait until we were caught in the wrong & just told to "make it good " what a wonderful world it would be .

Unfortunately thats not the world I live in , I'm expected dot my i's & cross my t's while our elected/appointed officials just "wing it"...

-- Posted by rockman54 on Sun, Feb 1, 2009, at 11:29 AM

James and Red, Thanks for the info, I am a little bit ignorant of some of the technology out there. Today I am just happy to be somewhere where I have power and heat and internet, slow though it may be!

-- Posted by tinks89 on Sun, Feb 1, 2009, at 11:33 AM

James, I know of two people who tried to get broadband here in extreme So IL, and neither could get ANYTHING done. Like anything else here, it is probably political games.

-- Posted by tinks89 on Sun, Feb 1, 2009, at 11:35 AM

Hmm....seven Army Transport copters just flew by. Are they heading to Sikeston?

-- Posted by Megalomania on Sun, Feb 1, 2009, at 11:37 AM


I had dial up for years and just could not stand it as it only got worse with time and the stuff they put on their websites now. I had Charter at one time, but it proved unreliable. While my relatives lost all TV and Internet service during this ice storm I had both with satellite TV and Internet powered by my generator.

I am not an expert on any of this stuff either, I just know what works for me.

-- Posted by Red_Rhino on Sun, Feb 1, 2009, at 11:41 AM


I don't like the dial up either. At work, we have our own server, and it is sooo fast comparatively. But while I can read the paper there online, I cannot post, or pay bills, etc. (Security reasons). We do have DISH Network here, I wonder if internet is available through that? I'll have to check on that.

Meg: They're coming to get you.......

-- Posted by tinks89 on Sun, Feb 1, 2009, at 11:47 AM


I am surprised at you. Those helicopters were either the evil Republicans spying on you plotting evil deeds or BHO on his way to save us all single handed. The other four were CNN, CBS, NBC, and ABC to document it and worship at his feet.

-- Posted by D'oh on Sun, Feb 1, 2009, at 11:50 AM

Well, it looks like Cape can't come up with $20,000 for a fireworks display, but we can come up with $50,000-$70,000 for a couple of bikes to **** by our city on on a bicycle tour.


The cities elders cease to amaze me...

-- Posted by Megalomania on Sun, Feb 1, 2009, at 11:57 AM


They will probably refer you to Wild Blue. You can also go with Hughes.net. I think the technology is the same and these are the only two satellite providers that I know of. By checking on the Internet, you will see all sorts of horror stories about both just as you will with Charter, but I haver had good service and I believe you have a grace period in which you can cancel and get your money back. They also periodically offer specials on equipment and installation.

It will not be as fast as cable or DSL with a max of 1.5 mg with the average being 1.2 to 1.3, but it beats the heck out of dial up as I could never get more than 42 kbps with any of the dial up service providers I used.

-- Posted by Red_Rhino on Sun, Feb 1, 2009, at 11:59 AM

Don't worry, I'm sure someone will come get me before it's through. You know how people around these parts like to silence the truth.

-- Posted by Megalomania on Sun, Feb 1, 2009, at 11:59 AM

Have Wheels Will Travel: I agree with your last posting. I'm tired of the elite getting away with everything under the sun. Just like that big private bash they had in Washington last night all of them dressed with high dollar suits and acting like they have no worry in the world while millions of us out here in the trenches are wondering whether we are going to have our jobs tomorrow. I just hope we can have some change for the better and directed toward the middle class for once, which work each and every day and make every attempt in the world to abide by the rules.

-- Posted by swampeastmissouri on Sun, Feb 1, 2009, at 11:59 AM


Now you sound like Inforwarrior and Robert Goodbody.

-- Posted by D'oh on Sun, Feb 1, 2009, at 12:02 PM


As I've personally stated with Charter, though their pricing is extremely high, I have never had a problem with reception of television, nor my internet. Like with anything, I'm sure everyone has bad and good experiences with both. I've just realized I'm not the type of person with the patients to deal with satelite. Charter's coming tomorrow to get me reconnect to their cable.

It does worry me a bit though about them filing for bankruptcy. Additionally, I think if they would try to capture more business in these rural areas and expand their service area...they'd be welcomed with open arms.

-- Posted by Megalomania on Sun, Feb 1, 2009, at 12:03 PM


(another newby?? or are you reincarnated?) Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm neither. Worried now?? More people than you thought that don't "go with the flow?'

-- Posted by Megalomania on Sun, Feb 1, 2009, at 12:05 PM


Today's your big day! Meanwhile, I'll be hanging around the house here, agrivating my other half wearing my "St.Louis Cardinals FOOTBALL t-shirt" and my Baltimore Orioles batting helmet. Back to the kitchen, I'm working on the chili con carne. You Steeler's fans are ruthless slave drivers. ;o)

It'll be interesting watching the new Belgium Anheuser commericials.

-- Posted by Megalomania on Sun, Feb 1, 2009, at 12:14 PM


Charter dropped us as a business decision due to the fact that they did not want to upgrade the old lines for a few customers. I believe their customer base would have been much larger and profitable if they had invested the money. I would go with Charter as would many other individuals in rural areas if it was available and reliable. I think they are making poor decisions by not expanding.


I really depend on the Internet for information and research through several forums, non political, and would sure hate to do without it. I am a late conversion as when I built my house I refused to have phone lines hooked up in my computer room as I saw absolutely no need for Internet. Later I installed it and could access my work system and do a lot of work at home on nights and weekends.

-- Posted by Red_Rhino on Sun, Feb 1, 2009, at 12:16 PM

Red, you do not give yourself enough credit. You always have a lot of good information.

James, I confess I am an internet junkie. I know I won't die without it, but I think it's wonderful for research, paying bills, communicating, etc.

Meg, I wonder if they have this forum flagged on a watch list somewhere...LOL Enjoy your Chili.

-- Posted by tinks89 on Sun, Feb 1, 2009, at 12:23 PM


Just kidding around with you. No I would not want to get rid of you as I have missed you during your absences.

I think truly "new posters" are an urban legend, just people who come and go. I don't post very often as not much piques my interest enough for me to enter into a discussion. Please don't take me seriously, life is to short for either of us to get upset with what someone says. If I think I actually offend anyone I will stop posting. As it appears as though I have come close, I will sign off for the day.

-- Posted by D'oh on Sun, Feb 1, 2009, at 12:24 PM

..the Steelers are gonna wad the Cardinals up and

throw them away...

-- Posted by ..Rick on Sun, Feb 1, 2009, at 12:46 PM



Got any hot wings?

-- Posted by tinks89 on Sun, Feb 1, 2009, at 1:07 PM


Now that you mention it, I can see some similarities between you and Al...

I know what you mean, I had the 3 meg service and when I go to visit my daughter I take my laptop and it makes my 1.3 meg seem so slow. I do miss a faster speed.

I hope you change your mind on giving up the Internet as many of us enjoy your posts and have learned a lot from them.

-- Posted by Red_Rhino on Sun, Feb 1, 2009, at 1:25 PM


...yes , we have hot wings and chili..um , ya gotta

watch that chili 'cause it likes to talk behind your

back ...

i'm betting heads on the coin toss....

-- Posted by ..Rick on Sun, Feb 1, 2009, at 2:31 PM

What Super Bowl??!:

Who won the Super Bowl? Er, for that matter, has it even started yet, and who's playing...or played? I don't know 'cause I don't have any TVs tuned to anything that may be covering it, and it don't mean nothin' anyway. I suppose I've developed a philosophy, or "attitude", as I look forward to experiencing them golden years that if I'm too old, busted up, or lazy to do a sport myself, then why waste time watching a bunch of other over-paid clowns chase a ball around?!! What the hey, even though I'm somewhat into swimming, I don't really bother to watch swimming events either. Who was that guy who won all those gold metals in the last Olympics? Gee, I've already seen the previews for most of the commercials planned for the SB, and that's the best part. Even so, maybe I'll throw together some snacks, just for old times sake 'cause, come to think of it, I've got the munchies anyway!

-- Posted by Herr_Hauptmann_DES on Sun, Feb 1, 2009, at 2:49 PM

Herr_Hauptmann...i've seen each and every one so far

and i don't want to stop now ...yes , there were a few

i watched but don't remember , but i've seen them all..

-- Posted by ..Rick on Sun, Feb 1, 2009, at 2:54 PM


I've been rubbing all my charms today and agrivating the wife. She's been all red in the jowls. I dunno...I'm thinking the Cards will probably shut the Steeler's out and leave them scoreless. *grinning* Is it above 40 degrees today?? The Steeler's usual need subzero temperatures to perform even reasonably well. (j/kidding ya, I like to see Steeler's fans squirm a bit.)

She's already glued to the set. I hope we don't get a peace disturbance call when she starts yelling for touch downs. Top Gear, the Winter Show is on tomorrow...so I finally get to start reclaiming "my" TV and remote.


Made a trip up to Sappington's and looked at a cub cadet with "all the fixins'" I'm wanting, mean while the kiddies were checking out the polaris's and what not. They kinda got a glazed over look while sitting in those little buggies that go 110 mph. (Gee thanks, I hope you plan on helping me pay for all of this! lol) After that, I found myself getting the same way as we started looking at the camping trailors next door. Yep, I'm definately ready for some warmer weather.

I feel for you on Charter, I have friends that have some of the other services you mention,(out in the rural areas) but it sounds like they are paying out the yazoo for internet service.

I agree, Charter is making a huge mistake by not expanding, lowering their prices "just a tad" and 86ing these customer care reps out of??? Pakistan, Jakastan...Peru?? I dunno..eitherway, I have a terrible time understanding them. Perhaps I need to pull a keyboard out and use the "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" type of communication?

Anyhow, I'm getting ready to make the "wing" run while the other half goes through her pre-game rituals. Go Seahawks!

-- Posted by Megalomania on Sun, Feb 1, 2009, at 3:00 PM


I kinda sorta hear ya there. Heck, when I used to play football and surf, etc, you couldn't tear me away from watching everything on it I could. When I was into skiing in the German/Austrian Alps, I was almost clinically obsessed with watching all ski events, not just the Olympics...gee I'd even buy video games on such stuff. But those were the good ole days, so why punish myself watching somebody else having all the fun...a touch of sour grapes, I suppose, huh?! Oh, well, actually I'm kinda in to something that I may be able to get away with calling it a "sport": Civil War reenacting. I watch whatever I can find on that stuff, and it even involves some pretty good exercise! But for now, I'm just goin' for those snacks!! Have fun anyway. And be sure to stay tuned for the after-game riots. Now, I may even check out that fun stuff!!!

-- Posted by Herr_Hauptmann_DES on Sun, Feb 1, 2009, at 3:16 PM

Pied pipers: I want to be equally protected under the law as these people nominated to Obama's cabinet. Money is tight right now, so it would be great if I could just not pay any taxes this April and then just make it up at a future date if I'm ever considered for a cabinet post.

Ready to fight: "bi-partisan" no longer means people from both parties compromising to write legislation agreeable to both sides. Obama has redefined the term "bi-partisan" so that it now means people from both parties having the opportunity to support a piece of legislation.

Miserly GOP: "...Obama's practical, sensible-minded stimulus program..." You are kidding, right? When has spending money you don't have EVER made you better off? Sort of like standing in a bucket and trying to lift yourself up by the handle...it has never worked.

Rural services: I've been using Verizon Wireless broadband for almost 3 years now...no complaints at all.

Snowy roads: I've never had a problem getting out & about. It doesn't matter if we get 10 inches of ice & sleet, or 18 inches of snow. I was out playing on Tuesday and I only put my truck in 4wd once, since it was easier than backing up 1/2 mile to get turned around. If you choose to have only small compact cars that can't get around in the snow, don't cry about being stranded at home when it snows.

-- Posted by dixietrucker on Sun, Feb 1, 2009, at 3:31 PM

Thanks for all the internet info guys! Now my head is a spinning.

Alas and alack, I woke up from my Sunday nap and my hubbie told me we have power at the farm. He is on his way out there now to prime the pump and get the heat going. Think we should get to go home tomorrow.

As far as the Superbowl, I actually just like the commercials. I am forced to watch it because my son and husband are football addicts. So I usually read a book, and just catch the commercials.

Dixie: We did have a 4 wheel drive and it died. (Only had 400,000 miles, don't know why). Also, my brother's LARGE 4 wheel drive got hung up in our driveway in this mess. As far as getting food, etc., my Vibe has taken me everywhere I need to go. When I knew it was getting bad, I left my farm and came to town to stay so I could be near work, elderly parents, etc. I never expect our back roads in Alexander County to be clear, it's just like a bonus if they are.

-- Posted by tinks89 on Sun, Feb 1, 2009, at 4:07 PM

On, and Wheels, come to my house, I bet it won't work, we are like a friggin black hole out there...JOKE

-- Posted by tinks89 on Sun, Feb 1, 2009, at 4:13 PM

Well, gosh dern. Since I'm trying to procrastinate finishing off the driveway ice for as long as possible anyway, I may as well take an opinion ping at some actual SO items for fun & non-profit...that is, if my 'puter, "Hal", will be good enough not to lock up while I'm attempting it.

Pied pipers: Well, what can I say? Even the IBH needs some group-think leadership! And what's so odd about having three or more tax evaders, probably draft evaders too, in the current totalitarian regime? Heck, the Politburo (formerly known as Congress) is full of Creeps, Criminals, Crazies & Lazies! But I may have misinterpreted something in the fairly recent past. I figured the CCCL, guts of the IBH, was the primary source of enabling votes for the Dazi Party of Death (DPD...new DES-approved acronym designator!) and their RINO allies; however, it looks like they're running the asylum now! Come to think of it, we're even blessed with a new Czar of the Department of Enviro-commie Propaganda, who can brag about being a commissioner of Socialists International. So everything seems to be progressing (good commie word!) quite nicely IAW your "Dear Leader's" agenda, as his handlers intend for him to carry out...according to Saul Alinsky "community organizing" guidelines.

Ready to fight: "Wars and rumors of wars." I seem to have read that somewhere, in a really, really Good Book. Yup, we'll have wars and general fighting between good and evil, much like the on-going fight between real Americans and the American Soviet Socialists (acronym optional) in this nation, and in the rest of Satan's domain, until humanity's real Creator & Master decides to end the test, or contest. And guess what? Along with warfare, PARTISANSHIP is a permanent historic axiom too, so get used to it. Good, freedom-loving people with faith in a higher order other that "the state" will never submit, knowingly or willingly, to the Dazi goosestepping Big Lie nonsense of "bipartisanship"...it won't happen, because the good have the advantage of knowing they'll win over evil in the end! If ever there has been a need for a resounding clarion call for PARTISANSHIP, if not arms, it is NOW! As JPJ might say: "We have not yet begun to fight"! Hmmm. Gee, that tirade was kinda exhilarating, in a fun, goofy sorta way!!

Selling snake oil: Well, regarding the college drop-out/flunk-out, can't-put-his-panties-on-without-assistance Herman Al Gore(ing), why can't a dullard snake sell some of the oil he oozes. Snakes have rights too!! Besides, with all this "global warming" freezing going on, he's no doubt praying for some warming so he can come out from under his rock and sun himself!

Miserly GOP: And you say the agenda of your "Dear Leader" is a practical, sensible-minded stimulus program? For what, may I ask? Perhaps you're referring to a Motor-mouth Mathews-style stimulation up your leg, or something. ATTN, folks of the real world!: This is a prime example of how easy it is for the DPD Big Lie propaganda machine to warp, pollute, and generally render useless the collective minds of the IBH. Hmmm, "collective"...another good commie word, as I'm sure Uncle Karl would agree!

Well, I've had some fun procrastinating at getting to the icy results of "global warming"; howsumever, the sun has done it's job, so I guess I'll have to go finish mine. Burma Shave...and we'll keep the light on for ya!

-- Posted by Herr_Hauptmann_DES on Sun, Feb 1, 2009, at 5:23 PM

Re: rural services

Uh, maybe the absence of these conveniences can be viewed as either the benefits or the costs of 'getting away from the hustle and bustle', and 'having some elbow room between you and your neighbor'? Has your paved road become unpaved since you moved there? :-)~

Suspect that cable or DSL is not cost-effective for the limited number of users per mile with which to divide the costs out, and the line-of-sight is not practical for the hilly terrain. Wireless is an option, but only as good as the provider and the related available signal strength in that area.

Of course - it's always about somebody else needin' to do something to make one's own life better - all at a cost that is acceptable. If money were no object, I would think that there would be all kinds of providers beating a path to the doorstep.

Dial-up used to be more tolerable in the days when websites offered a 'text-only' version of their pages, avoiding the downloads of the bandwidth-intensive graphics.

Some electric cooperatives are offering internet service - perhaps another avenue to pursue? http://www.shomepower.com/technologies

-- Posted by fxpwt on Sun, Feb 1, 2009, at 5:55 PM


Been there, done that and wound up with a new camper, Rhino and ATV and now my wife, yes my wife wants a new tractor. That is exactly why I told you to go to Davis or Nobe because they donít have all those neat toys for kids and wives. There is absolutely no telling how much that tractor is going to cost you now. Of course if you run that Rzr up and down your drive way enough times really fast it will melt the snow and you can probably tear the yard up enough with the knobby tires to plant something. Maybe you donít really need a tractor after all.

As to Charter, if you keep calling back you will get a different operator every time and I would keep at it until I got one that spoke English to the point to where we could understand each other. We are too far out for DSL.

Have Wheels,

Like James, I have another year on my contract, but may look into the Verizon air card when it runs out if I can use it on my laptop as well as desktop at the same time. I had Verizon cell phones several years ago and the service then was pretty bad, but that is when they were still using the old analog system. My Internet is about eighty bucks a month, but you can get a cheaper package though it is not as ďfastĒ (relative term).


As far as getting stuck, go with Meglo when he picks his Rzr up and you can go just about anywhere.

-- Posted by Red_Rhino on Sun, Feb 1, 2009, at 5:55 PM


I will gladly pay the eighty bucks a month to have acceptable Internet service for all of the advantages of living in a rural area IE, no neighbors, barking dogs and so on.

-- Posted by Red_Rhino on Sun, Feb 1, 2009, at 6:22 PM

Red -

you seem to have scrounged around and found an acceptable internet solution on your own.

My comments were directed at the original caller - geez, what a whiner! Perceive the caller as either being too cheap to use other services available, or not ambitious enough to explore any other options. "Ask not what you can do for your county, ask what your county can do for you" without ever having to get up off the couch. :-)~

The Wilson line of antennas was mentioned in a previous post. I have had very good results with their antenna tied into my cell phone in the car. Areas that were intermittent one and two bars became solid four and five bars. I would expect any amplifier offerings to be equally as good.

They also had an interesting system for the house, essentially installing a mini-cell tower that would transmit at the maximum 3 watts, with a roof-mounted antenna for improved reception. Perhaps this is the system that Have_Wheels is talking about? The only downside was trying to figure out where to install it to meet the minimum distance required between its receiver and any wireless device that was to use it - well, that and it was in the neighborhood of $500 back when I was checking them out. Was contemplating this, but the cell service improved here before I could pry the checkbook open to get it.

-- Posted by fxpwt on Sun, Feb 1, 2009, at 7:03 PM


I have a friend with whom I use to work that knows all that kind of stuff and he said he could fix me up, but once you get very deep into all that technical stuff my eyes just glaze over. He was talking about going through his cell phone and then into the laptop. Another friend who travels like Have Wheels uses what sounds like the same system as the antennae. He is a Ham Radio operator and I think he may use some of that equipment, Greek to me.

I can't do anything for another year and maybe by then I will have a better idea as to which way to jump.

-- Posted by Red_Rhino on Sun, Feb 1, 2009, at 8:03 PM


I did not read the posts.

Selling snake oil

Global warming is a myth. Simple research from reliable resources is key. Global climate change is what's going on.

Storm memories

Yes, jeebus > *. He's too busy to be worried about individuals, though.

Rural services

There are alternates, you just have to know where to look.

Snowy roads

HA! The City of St. Louis charges me ~1% of my gross income simply because I live and work here. Why does that matter: unless you live on a designated snow route, your road doesn't get plowed, ever. FYI: the vast, vast majority of residential roads never get plowed. *World's smallest violin at your service*

Halftime show sucks so far.

-- Posted by isobar on Sun, Feb 1, 2009, at 8:12 PM

Well the feathers were ruffled around here for just a bit. Congrats Rick

-- Posted by Megalomania on Sun, Feb 1, 2009, at 10:12 PM

Steelers 27 , Cardinals 23

-- Posted by ..Rick on Sun, Feb 1, 2009, at 10:47 PM

Melo and no-name,

I'm a fairly new name on here. I've made a few people mad, but that's the fun part of a discussion, hearing others and my own bad opinions.

The icy roads were absolutely ridiculous last Monday. The snow-plow guy came down my street 3 times, I was excited because I could see the asphalt and anticipated no problems driving.

For those of you who watched the movie "rv", I pulled one of those moves when I heard a very loud crunch, and realized that my wheels were no longer touching the ground. A foot and a half moat of ice had been built at the end of my driveway. An hour and a half later, I had finally dug the snow from under my car and headed to work with bloody knuckles from scraping the ice.

Good times.......good times, and I was wondering why no one else had left for work yet. =-)

-- Posted by ZeRo1 on Mon, Feb 2, 2009, at 11:08 AM

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