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Thursday, January 29, 2009

It's not real until it happens on MySpace.

Everything from movie trailers to music videos, songs and books, even your neighbor's dog, gets put on MySpace.com nowadays. On Tuesday, SE Live became the newest addition to the roughly 2,700 profiles in a 100-mile radius of the 63702 ZIP code.

I have probably sent you a friend request. Don't ignore me, dude. In fact, find me.

When the website first hit the Internet, it was a great way to find old friends, new friends and document current friends. It was a social tool.

Now MySpace has become THE place to be. It's the hottest club you can't actually go to. Friends, lovers, movie stars, dogs, bands -- it's all on MySpace, grouped together and sorted and extremely convenient.

We have often added a line at the bottom of stories in this magazine that says "For more information, visit www.myspace.com/insertbandnamehere.\" Or referenced a band's MySpace page for information, updates on concerts or to get photos of the rockers.

SE Live has even devoted a cover story to the changing world of band promotion and how MySpace has helped bands reach fans, sell merch and CDs. Glastetter scored a record deal almost two decades after they broke up because someone stumbled upon a MySpace page Steve Glastetter had set up as a test. Bands in Cape Girardeau have "friends" in London and Japan.

MySpace has become invaluable to people and musicians alike. SE Live has officially joined the ranks, and you can leave us a comment to tell us where you're playing, who you are or whatever's on your mind.

Eventually, we're going to have a hip section on our home site, semissourian.com, and we're going to encourage you to sign up there. But for now, the SE Live MySpace profile serves as a way for you to reach us and us to find you.

For more information, visit www.myspace.com/selive.

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