Letter to the Editor

Respect goes to those who earn it

Saturday, November 6, 2004

To the editor:

I am a student at Truman State University. The squabbles at Southeast Missouri State University make me wonder where the common sense is. People argue that wearing pajamas to class is rude. How? Students are paying for a service. Common sense says that whether a student is wearing jeans, sweats or pajama bottoms, it should not affect learning.

When a student has a cell phone that is constantly ringing, that is rude. I would hope that an effective professor would deal with it.

I have found in my classes at Truman that it really is not about rudeness, but about respect. I have never been in a class where the professor respects and cares for the students in which these problems occur. However, in classes where the professor simply does not care, students seem to give less respect in return.

Perhaps at SEMO students are laughing in disrespect toward their school because the administration plays political correctness with the mascot instead of trying to provide a better education at a lower cost. All the money spent on replacing the mascot and for ceremonies retiring it is money that could have been spent on education.

In the few classes I have taken at SEMO and continue to take online, I have found all my professors to be professional and deserving of respect. Let us not forget that some may reap what they sow. Those specific problems should be dealt with internally, not in the newspaper.

BRIAN MULLER, Kirksville, Mo.